This is Graeme's Webspace, detailing modifications made to my 2004 Volkswagen .:R32. Please note, my vehicle is a Right Hand Drive Australian Specification, so some modifications may not work on a Left Hand Drive vehicle or may require different parts. Website links will be gradually enhanced as pages are uploaded. Thanks for looking :)

Latest Updates

Brand new modification for instrument clusters to enable needle sweep when ignition is turned on! Refer to links under "Electrickery" for details.

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Cluster programming
  • New information for dash lighting and Seat Belt Warnings in the Cluster Programming.

  • Fuel & Brake Line Protection
  • Audi Rear Wiper
  • Installation of Audi aero wiper and rotating jet assembly.

  • Rear Fog Light Warning Icon
  • Adding Rear Fog Light Icon to Headlight Switch using Audi circuit board.

  • Bora .:R Fog Lights
  • My bracket design to suit Euro bumpers now being sold by various companies without acknowledgement. Beware, as I state clearly on the design they ripped off, the brackets will not fit a US bumper!

  • OEM+ Switches
  • Updated with more information.

  • Daytime Running Lights using PWM Reduced Intensity High Beam Lights
  • Passenger Footlight Mounting Bracket
  • Yes, these are available to purchase. Please contact via email link at top of page for more information.