Since release a couple of minor issues have arisen which people might have questions about, so hopefully this page will answer them for you.

Q - Why does my antivirus program come up with a warning when I press the Next button during the installer phase?

A - To create the desktop shortcut I have used a Visual Basic Script routine. As these scripts (.vbs) are often responsible for the unwitting execution of email viruses in Microsoft's Outlook program, antivirus software flags this as a potential threat and warns you accordingly. Rest assured that it is quite safe to run this particular script, however if you still feel that you are not 100% sure then open the PS1shortcut.vbs file with Notepad or any other text editor to check its contents. Alternatively you can create your own shortcut on the desktop by making a shortcut to PS13VDMS.bat in the C:\PS13 folder and using the icon provided in the same folder. The script is just there to make life easier for you. You will still need to click the Next button to get to phase 2 of the installer routine, just disallow the VBS script if it makes you feel better.

Q - On my laptop the installer runs OK but when I run the program again it says it's FROZEN. What went wrong?

A - Laptops often incorporate a feature whereby they dynamically change resolution to accomodate a program that requires a specific resolution. PS1 requires 640x480 to run, so on any laptops with 800x600 or any other resolution which exhibit this issue, right click on the desktop shortcut and choose to run the program in full screen. This should fix the problem.

Q - Can I use your installer with my PS 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / Upgrade disks?

A - Yes, with a couple of provisos. As I don't have any version other than the full 1.3 CD, I don't know how these programs are installed. The installer looks for INSTALL.EXE on the CD you make first of all, in the Precision Simulator 1 folder. If PS 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 upgrades use this file name to install the program, so far so good, just copy the full contents as per the instructions included in the ZIP file. Secondly, the installer looks for the C:\PS13 folder to find the shortcut icon and batch file, if the program has installed PS1 to any other folder it won't find them. This itself is not fatal, since you can manually copy the batch file and icon into the folder you installed to. Finally, if any earlier or upgrade versions don't run using PS.EXE in the same folder as the batch file then the batch file will fail to run. Again this is not fatal, you will need to edit the batch file and where it calls PS.EXE change the name to whatever earlier versions are called (I suspect they will be the same name though). What I have mostly contributed by making this installer is an easy to use interface for doing all of these steps, given the parameters above (which the full PS1.3 version uses). If you can follow the steps above, you should be able to customise your installer CD to still provide you with easy point and click installation. Even if you don't feel comfortable doing those steps, you can still download the ZIP file and install VDMSound manually, then to run PS1 you right click on the PS.EXE file and choose to Run with VDMS.

UPDATE: From an upgrade user -

Since most of the new computers I am looking at for home and work are
going to have Win2000 or XP, I thought I would test your download CD
install program on a borrowed Win2000 machine. Works great, after I
tried a couple of variations - since I didn't have a 'pure' PS13 full
install disk (I've upgraded every step since I bought the original
PS1). Thought you might be interested in what worked for this case -
valid PS13a already installed on my home system, trying to port to a
Win2000 machine. As you probably could guess, since the Install program
in my PS13a folder was for the PS13 upgrade pack - not the full PS13-,
when I just followed your instructions what happened was the program
went looking for an already installed PS12 on the Win2000 machine and
failed. What worked was surprising simple - just copied an old backup
valid PS12 to the Win2000 machine (remembering to undo all the 'read
only' attributes) and tried again. Everything installed fine,
including, as far as I can tell the upgrade to PS13 and PS13a items as
well as all the rest of the stuff I've put in the PS13 folder. On this
machine - a high end Compaq laptop - it produced all normal cockpit
sounds but not continuous engine (no great loss from my personal
perspective). Interestingly enough it never asked for sound settings or
gameport/throtlle settings info (didn't use any on the previous laptop)
- just started right up from the shortcut icon. So I haven't tempted
fate by doing [ps1 s].

Hope this helps anyone trying to get their upgrades working!