Aerowinx's Precision Simulator 1, or PS1 as it's commonly known, is the PC world's most accurate simulation of the Boeing 747-400 series aircraft. It faithfully models every system in the cockpit, and is used by airline pilots and enthusiasts worldwide to hone their glass cockpit skills and practice in their own homes.

One problem that has emerged with PS1 is that as Windows 2000 came out, people found they could no longer hear any sounds or use their joysticks on the new operating system. This was due to PS1 being a legacy DOS program, and not being able to directly access the relevant hardware through Windows 2000's new hardware interface. Up until now, this has proved a real problem for people, however the PS1 for Windows 2000 installer along with a program called VDMSound has once and for all fixed the situation.

What the program does is allow you to create a new CD-R of PS1, with the relevant programs and settings built in to make a Windows 2000 installation easy and painless. Once you have burned this new CD-R you can simply place it in your CD drive to have it automatically boot the installer interface and install all the programs in their appropriate places along with a desktop shortcut to allow easy startup of PS1.

NOTE: You will need an original copy of the full PS 1.3 CD before you can use this interface, as the installer does not come with PS1 itself, it merely serves as a front end with the appropriate other programs built in.

Whilst it is easier to make a new CD-R with the interface built in, you can use the download with PS1 already on your computer. Instructions for this are contained in the ZIP file along with CD building instructions.

Windows 2000 users, you are cleared for takeoff.....