Enongi bush strip, Papua New Guinea

My career profession is pilot, so to that end this page will focus on my flying experience and various aviation related topics of interest.

I currently work for Airlines PNG as a First Officer on the Beech 1900D. The work is mostly RPT with some freight and charter work thrown in for good measure, and the odd medical evacuation. Flying in Papua New Guinea can be very challenging at times, although the B1900D doesn't operate into the smaller bush strips like our Twin Otters do (If you would like a larger copy of the photo above either in print or digital format don't hesitate to contact me for further details).

My ambition is to work for a major airline flying Boeing or Airbus aircraft on international operations. I hold the theory portion of an Australian ATPL, and am mostly there for the hours required, though I still need a bit more command time to qualify for the full ATPL licence. For more information on my flying qualifications you can see my online resumé.

Beech 1900D Information Page - A page devoted to the aircraft I currently fly.

Online Resumé - A concise resumé listing my flying qualifications. For hours breakdown contact me.

Precision Simulator 1 for Windows 2000 - My page devoted to a small CD interface I designed to assist users of PS1 to get the simulation running under Windows 2000.