Welcome to Leeming Designs. This is my showcase for various design projects I have completed. They range from websites I have designed to GUI projects made to enhance the user experience for a certain application. Clicking on an image will provide you with more detail on each project and any related links or download locations.

If you like what you see, and would like to have me create a website for you or your company, send me an email with your requirements and details and we can come to an arrangement on cost. I don't plan on charging the exhorbitant fees some web designers do, since I'm a person and not a company, thus I have zero overheads other than time :) "Fair go" clause applies of course, if you want to be the next it's going to cost you rather more.... plus you'd probably be better off getting a company to do it since they will provide extra services such as hosting, email server etc (I can arrange for domain name registration and hosting through a local provider for you if needed).

My philosophy is that design is what sets websites apart, and a site is often more effective if it is simple and designed right. I don't believe that websites should be built and costed on a basis of x number of images per page, or x number of pages etc. A website should be designed for a purpose, not a budget. If that means using more images, then so be it. As an example, at the time of writing this entire website contains only 25 images, that's everything from rollover buttons at the bottom to the background images and individual pictures below. Simple yet effective.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and perhaps find something useful. Comments are appreciated!


Website -

The site you are currently on! This is my main site and the focal point for my other work. I designed it to be a simple and elegant layout that doesn't distract the viewer with unnecessary clutter. All the pages on the site are viewable with no more than two clicks, with major portions having their own link directly accessible at all times in the bottom navigation bar. Created to be easily viewed on any browser at most resolutions.


CD Interface - Falcon 4.0 SuperPAK 3

The screen you see is the front page of the installer pack I created to complement the latest SuperPAK 3 patch for the Falcon 4.0 computer game simulation. If you have a CD burner and an original copy of the game, you can download this ZIP file which contains the GUI interface portion needed to make a new auto-starting CD which will allow simple point and click installation of Falcon 4.0 and all the patches needed to bring it to SuperPAK 3 level.

Click here to download the file (2.91MB).

Go here to grab SuperPAK 3 and the 1.08US patches which are also needed (will open in new window).


Website -

Precision Simulator 1 by Aerowinx is the most accurate simulation and training tool available on the PC for flying the Boeing 747-400 commercial airliner. The only problem is, the program does not run natively under Windows 2000. I created this website to showcase my contribution to making it work under Windows 2000 - an installer interface similar to the Falcon 4 one but designed to allow users of Windows 2000 to use the program also. The website is designed to mimic the look of the Flight Management Computers of modern airliners.

Click here to visit the site (will open in new window).