1 September 2002

I have created a new page for those interested in the new high-end Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS joystick and throttle combo. This joystick is the ultimate in flying simulation controllers, make no mistake. Visit the page to learn more about it, and for any files or applications I have created to complement it and related programs which enhance its functionality. I have also updated my designs page with a couple of links to websites and programs I have designed and implemented. My second passion is computers and front end computer interface design work, such as small programs which enhance applications, as well as the creation of websites, so look for the designs section to expand in the future as I increase my skills.

I have also moved my site to a new server so those of you who may have had problems in the past downloading my programs should now have a more reliable service! As usual, remember to bookmark this site using (my permanent address), and NOT the actual address in your browser window, as I do change servers occasionally. Same goes for downloads - please link to the main site instead of to files directly, as their locations change from time to time to balance server load.

14 January 2002

Welcome to my new site layout. For those of you who used to visit Grypen's Pages, this is the new and improved version! For all viewers, the site is broken up into various sections, accessed by the buttons at the bottom of the page. The change of name reflects a shift of emphasis from mostly Saab related material to a more comprehensive site for my online ventures. Rest assured that the Saab portion will remain, but with numerous other Saab pages out there, I am keeping only the information which is not so widely disseminated around the net.

I have removed the LinkExchange banner as I felt it was causing too many problems with fetching external links, and I also object to the amount of advertising junk that clutters up the internet these days. This site is simple, elegant and doesn't need to be spoiled by useless ads, cookies, web bugs or any other type of internet annoyance. If you like it, link to it from your site. Google, most people's favourite search engine, operates on a hierarchical basis anyway, basing a site's ranking on the amount of sites that link to it. The internet is not about the number of hits you can get, and I refuse to let it become the next corporate stronghold of advertising.

For my career (I'm a pilot), I now have an aviation section which serves as an online resume and information resource for my various flying related interests. The DVD pages are gone - there are fantastic sites out there such as Michael's DVD Pages which cover Region 4 (Australia) much better than I could ever hope to.

The site is optimised for 800x600 resolution or better but can work in 640x480 (but please upgrade your hardware so you have a better computing experience in general!). For those of you using Internet Explorer, the boxes around the buttons are specific to your browser, since Microsoft can't sort out proper standards compliance. For a much better internet experience and proper W3C compliance (plus no boxes, as I intended it to look), do yourself a favour and use Opera. Netscape Communicator used to be the better browser, but it seems to refuse to follow current internet standards and render pages correctly, so I have stopped using it. There is also no weird menu structure or javascript on these pages, as I have seen way too many sites which refuse to work in various browsers due to bad programming and obvious lack of compatibility testing by the authors.

Enjoy the site and my other work, and drop me a line if you come up with any suggestions or questions.

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