saabThe new 9-3 Sports Sedan

Saab as a car marque began life shortly after World War II, when a group of Swedish aircraft designers, who had been building fighters during the war, realised that with a cessation of hostilities they would need a new line of work. As a result of their aviation heritage, their design for a car incorporated some revolutionary new ideas, and the Saab motor company was born. Since then they have continuously evolved, but they have never forgotten their beginnings and this is particularly evident in their current models. The wing shape of the front grille, the aircraft inspired interiors, and the smooth aerodynamic lines all evoke a sense of form and function that the aircraft designers of the past envisaged when they first developed their prototype. They are also some of the safest cars on the road today, due in large part to the designers' insistence that a car must be safe first, and sexy later. Whilst many in earlier days remember Saabs as being very quirky, the shape actually had more to do with safety and aerodynamics than style. Most would agree though that current models are among the best looking cars on the road today with smooth, simple lines and many common sense features that seem to be lacking in so many of today's generic boxes on wheels.

Saab Safety - A detailed look at what makes Saab a safe car as well as a primer on the science of automotive safety.

The crash of Princess Diana - Written after the events to assist in debunking some of the negative press surrounding the death of the princess, as it pertains to the Mercedes car involved and the safety issues raised. Includes reader comments from the time. Not strictly Saab, it is preserved for posterity as it is linked to from several sites and serves as a good warning to think safety with cars at all times. - The official Saab website.