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The New Offical Neuromancer I Revision website
Posted On 07 Jun 2007
After a short period of inactivity the project has been brought back in its new identity as Neuromancer | Revision. The idea behind this new project is to push the boundaries of the old 1989 Video game and create something a little more modern and far truer to the book than the 1989 game was.

Screenshots have been released of the brand new Neuromancer Revision GUI. This has been accepted quite well.

The forums through ModDB are back up and running, though not too many people have ventured into them... Will you be the first?

The reasons for canceling Neuromancer | 2007 was that a lot of Neuromancer fans were fed up with the original game not properly following the novel. The gameplay has to reflect this change and hence I have come to the conclusion that the original isn’t up to the requirements of the fans today. This is something that a lot of people disliked about the original even when it was released back in 1989 and I think that pushing the idea further and modernizing the idea as well as incorporating most of the elements from the novel will really please a lot of people and provide all you Cyberpunk junkies out there the well needed hit that you’ve all been craving for.

More info to come later.

Most of this site is down so bare with me while I get it ready.

Please see the ModDB profile for more information.

MR_CYBERPUNK - Founder of Neuromancer | Revision
By Mr_Cyberpunk
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