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“The voice acting is simply superb.”
“The script is funny and smart, and manages to take a couple of very surprising, yet believable, twists.”
Review - Ray Ivey – Just Adventure

“Jones and Black are perfect playing off one another’s characters. I highly recommend the movie to everyone who loves sci-fi and future Noir. Entertaining as hell. Fantastic movie.”
Review -Sam Sloan – Slice of SciFi

“if you are open minded, love a good story, have a good imagination and am willing to try new things you will have a ball with Stolen Life”
Review - Mat Van Rhoon


Hot on the heels of Killer Robot comes “Stolen Life”; the latest 3D animated feature from Nanoflix. Stolen Life is true Future Noir. Now available for download, this dark and moody Sci-fi detective mystery stars Claudia Black and Chris Jones. Sci-fi fans know Claudia from Farscape and Stargate SG-1. Video game fans know Chris Jones from the legendary and groundbreaking Tex Murphy series of interactive adventures.

The Story

A solitary spacecraft makes a landing on a seemingly barren asteroid. The traveller is himself a machine, a private investigator. He pries open an old hatchway to go below. Under the ice, tunnels descend deeper and deeper into the dark.

It’s a refuelling station, a halfway point for missions to the outer reaches of the solar system. It was, until they shut it down. What happened here?

Pi, (the investigator) finds an inactive robot. He revives her. This is Kieru, the facility manager. Why did the company take so long to send an investigator? It takes a bit of work to get it out of him but Pi admits there’s trouble in other facilities.

Pi is investigating the disappearance of thousands of dollars in company property and the mysterious demise of one of the workers who goes by the name of Faraday.

What is the project Kieru is so desperate to conceal? And what really happened to Faraday?

Pi investigates this eccentric crew who cut out an existence for themselves in the rocks and ice of the asteroid, always under the shadow of the Company.

Doc and his crazy projects. Daisy, skittish and nervy. What is she so nervous about? Grip is like a pair of disembodied arms joined at the shoulder, a good natured beast. Cutter says little and works away cutting tunnels deeper and deeper into the ice.

They all seem innocent enough but how safe is Pi alone with this motley crew under the fractured and creaking ice of this far-flung asteroid?


This feature film uses a groundbreaking technique Machinima, 3D animation in a game engine. A lot of live action and animated films construct sets that are fragments of the total location. Working in a game engine we were able to make the main location in one piece. This allows the camera to chase characters from room to room to room without having to cut. It also allows us to unlock the camera during an animated sequence and move it around as the characters go through their paces on the virtual set. This is all in real time and allows us to get the perfect shot to communicate the heart of the scene.

Using this system a dedicated small team can do large productions. And with no outside creative interference the sci-fi fans get the work as the artist intended.

Directorial Statement

STOLEN LIFE is a script written in the tradition of film noir, with PI in the leading role as the detective, and KIERU, in the supporting role as the femme fatale. Of course the twist here is that both characters are robots, and the film is not set on 20th century planet earth, but instead is played out on a far flung asteroid, some time in the future.

For me the appeal of the script lies with the clever juxtaposition of a well-worn genre and all its attendant conventions, with an entirely new world. In considering the direction, I aim to find a balance between honouring the conventions of the film noir genre and play with and against these conventions in both the performance and the stylistic look and feel.

In terms of story, the compelling mystery of the accident and Faraday’s “death” draws us into the complex web that is the bots’ desire for autonomy.

Although the film is 3D animation, the directorial approach to the performances is not that different from live action. The back stories of the characters, their motivations, inner conflicts, desires and obstacles will be explored and communicated to the actors. With animation, and especially here where the characters are not human, voice becomes even more important in communicating character. I will be spending a lot of time with the actors getting the tone and performance right, finding the balance between the film noir archetype and a more naturalistic delivery. My goal in directing the voice records is to create entirely dimensional characters, with humanesque needs, desires and motivations, even if embodied by robots.

In terms of the style and design of the characters and location the use of Machinima poses particular challenges. Whilst the images will not have the high resolution of animated feature films such as those being produced by Pixar (Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Nemo), the graphic quality and attention to camera angle, movement, editing and soundscape will more than compensate for any reduction in visual detail. Lighting and design will follow the film noir style and the use of music and sound design will be employed to create a rich and ambient sound track. As demonstrated in KILLER ROBOT, a strong script more than makes up for low production values.

Ultimately what Machinima allows Peter and I to do is to make an animated feature film based on a compelling story, with strong characters who engage, entertain and move us, for a very low budget. In terms of professional benefits, STOLEN LIFE pushes us into an exciting new medium that hones our existing skills and challenges us to discover and develop new ones. I am very excited about working on STOLEN LIFE and see it as a quantum leap in my work as an animation director.

Jacqueline Turnure

At Machinima Festival Europe 07

Stolen Life was invited to screen at the
Sydney International Film Festival on Monday June 11, at
9:30pm, followed by an interview with Jackie Turnure and Peter Rasmussen.

Best Original Music

Best Picture
Best Visual Design
Best Voice Acting Performance
Best Virtual Performance
Best Technical Achievement
Best Original Music

2006 Machinima
Film Festival
in New York

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Just Adventure

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