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Ultimate Ears UE5c

Ultimate Ears UE5c UE-5c Features:

Custom fit pieces for your ears.
Each pair is hand crafted off ear impressions you have made at your neighborhood audiologist or hearing aid center.
Affordably priced.
With separate drivers, for high and low frequencies the dual driver design of the UE-5c delivers the same mind blowing listening experience your favorite artist and professional audio engineers demand during a live performance.
Manufactured in a solid material, the UE-5c's are built to last.
These earphones have performed flawlessly under the most extreme conditions that exist during a live performance.
Cables are detachable and replaceable and available in clear, beige, dark brown, black, and white.

UE-5c with custom fit from Ultimate Ears brings in the comfort level to perfection. Though you wear it all day, it doesnt turn your ears red or make you feel uncomfortable.

Its of perfect custom-make for customer take. A true milestone in delivering error free and harmless sound to your ears.

Ultimateears.com Custom Products

At Ultimateears.com we offer custom and standard ear plugs, monitors, and accessories for onstage/offstage and personal use. Our UE custom line or our SuperFi standard line of products will generate pristine accurate sound production for a total new listening experience. All of our products will produce a clearer, louder, more precise sound without causing harm to the consumers ears.

Visit our product range:
Ultimate Ears® Custom Products
Ultimate Ears® super.fi Products


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