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my Zaurus SL-C3000 and SL-C3100

[icon]Angstrom Customisations:

Angstrom is the next generation successor to OpenZaurus. It is also based on the OpenEmbedded build system just like OpenZaurus, but it is based on a newer GCC and EABI. Angstrom is also using the latest in 2.6 kernel development.

Similar to OZ, Angstrom also comes in different flavours, GPE and OPIE, and the same flaws that existed in OpenZaurus still exists in Angstrom. There have been improvements in many areas and the source code for the various packages have been refreshed from newer versions, but some underlying things that were very Zaurus specific are still missing or not totally customised for the power of the Zaurus.

This guide aims to make Angstrom fully customised for the Zaurus and also implement all the things that previously made pdaXrom better than OpenZaurus in Angstrom so the resulting custom Angstrom install will feature the best of everything for the C3000/C3100 Zaurus.

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