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my Zaurus SL-C3000 and SL-C3100

[icon]Debian Customisations:

The Debian ARM port has been updated to work with the latest 2.6 linux kernel as well as EABI. The previous Debian distro made to work on the Zaurus known as PocketWorkstation has had quite some success, however, it relied on the services of an already present linux system. With the latest Debian port, since it uses much newer libraries and kernel than those traditional Zaurus distros, it needs to be deployed differently on the Zaurus. There has been a few attempts to boot Debian with the latest Angstrom kernel as well as using customised kernels with u-boot.

This guide aims to show how to make Debian boot with either the Angstrom kernel or a custom kernel that works with u-boot so that it can work on the Zaurus as a native OS.

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