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The Dudley Conservation Park suffered the first major fire for many years in January 2006. The cause of the fire was a lightning strike into deep scrub, the fire accelerated due to gusty winds and summer heat. The fires were fought at the boundary of the park to protect farm property, as the build up of flammable material in the park was so great that flames of 30 metres in height were menacing fire crews. Lack of access to the inner areas of the park kept fire breaks to the outer perimeters.

Three months after the fires, following autumn rains, the eucalyptus species have put forward exuberant growth from the bases of the burned trunks, and will recover gradually. Endemic species which have not been seen for many years may now reappear as seeds which have long been buried will now have an opportunity to germinate with access to sunlight and the nutrients contained in the layer of ash.