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The lightest organic honeys in colour are also the most delicate in flavour.

Naturally dark organic honeys are more full flavoured.

Preferences in honey depend on individual tastes and requirements.

Light flavoured honeys are more appropriate for desserts and subtle flavours.

Robust honeys are preferred where the honey is required to make its presence felt.

Candying is a natural crystallization which occurs in all honeys over time and can be reversed by standing the jar of honey in hot water until honey is liquid again.

Creamed honey is a controlled candying where a percentage of finely granulated candied honey is added to a suitable honey. This is stirred at 12 hourly intervals for several minutes to thoroughly mix the honey and to break the crystal formations into small even grain size, ensuring a spreadable honey. The process takes between 2 - 7 days depending on honey type. When the honey has reached the correct viscosity it is bottled and left to set into a firm texture. It will then remain as a smooth paste indefinitely, unless heated. Creamed honey should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

The best creamed honeys are derived from plants such as clover and other annual flowering species.

Honeycomb is produced in the hive by providing a suitable frame with a beeswax sheet for the bees to complete.

Hog Bay Apiary is a quality assured producer, being accredited under the Kangaroo Island Quality program (based on ISO 2000). We have been supplying Kangaroo Island honey to the tourist and gourmet honey industry since 1993. We have also been accredited as from the 21st November, 2002 by the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (N.A.S.A.A.) as producers of organic honey for our range of liquid honeys.

Our honeys regularly feature as prize winners at the Royal Adelaide Show and the Kangaroo Island Agricultural Shows.


Hog Bay Apiary produces four varieties of certified organic liquid honeys:

A light delicate organic honey with a hint of caramel flavour

A medium amber, full flavoured organic honey

An extra light, sweet premium organic honey

A medium amber organic honey with full bodied flavour

We also produce a traditional creamed honey.

A light delicate honey creamed for ease of use

See Nectar Sources for full details of flowering vegetation.




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