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Here are some notes about chat as distinct from email lists and discussion groups or newsgroups.

Also, go to a newsagent/bookshop and browse their magazines section. You'll find magazine format books which introduce and survey the various protocols ie generally accepted formats for accessing other computers, eg, email, ftp, newsgroups, http://www, IRC, telnet.




Most people find this the most challenging aspect. It's pretty much what you went through when you set up email but some of the settings are different. Most of the software has detailed instructions which will work if you experiment. Back up first and you cant do much damage. Nerds can be interpersonally challenged but usually love to help out newcomers.

Internet Config
An internet configuration programme. Modern operating systems have this built in.
While it is not essential, all of the below can work more easily, if you have Internet Config or eqivalent installed and setup, by getting correct details from your ISP on the phone, or from their web pages.
After that other things refer to it, rather than setting each up separately.
It may conflict with existing equivalent setups.
It is bundled with AtChat and savitar and other ÒclientsÓ (internet programmes).

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PRIVATE ONE TO ONE OR CONFERENCE TALK I am now encouraging ANZPA members to test ICQ and AOL and Yahoo Chat. LINKS to INSTANT MESSENGER & CHAT
  •  MiChat - Yahoo Chat for Macintosh

  •  Yahoo instant messenger 

  •  ICQ Instant messenger and chat - the biggest and it's cross platform 

  •  AOL Instant Messenger 

  • ==========================================================  
    ICQ is simple for naive users for setting up a one-to-one "chat" connection with a friend who also has it, or a conference, not accessible to the rest of the world.
    It will let you know what other enrolled people are also on-line. It is cross platform for mac and win95/NT.
    It is free More people use this around the world, and it is now more flexible in its adaptation to different platforms

    You can read about it, and download the latest version, mac or win, from:

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    PRIVATE ONE TO ONE TALK AOL Instant Messenger works well for one to one chat. It's easy to set up and the mac version is stable as well as the windows and other platforms. It will run in the background whenever you are connected to the net if you wish. Lots of our USA friends are already on, but you dont have to subscribe to aol to use it. I keep both AIM (RobtBrodie) and ICQ (9161998) going, different people choose these.

    Here is AOL's own publicity which describes how it works:
    > Communicate instantly and privately with all your friends
    > who are also using AOL Instant Messenger! See when your Internet
    > and AOL friends are online... no
    > matter how you're connected to the Internet!
    > You're want to chat...choose someone from your personal
    > Buddy List (a window that shows you which friends or associates are
    > online at that moment). A box appears on the screen. Type in a message
    > and send it. Get one back. Right away! AOL Instant Messenger lets you
    > chat with your friends, family, and business associates anytime, anywhere.
    > * Communicate Instantly - It's fast, easy, fun, and free!
    > * Create your own Buddy List - locate your Internet friends online!
    > * Stay in touch -- exchange real time messages easily!
    > * Hold private conversations any time - day or night!
    > Try the software right now for FREE!
    > AOL Instant Messenger is available at

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    on the web http://www

    Creative Arts Therapy Chat

    Your www browser needs to handle a certain level of Java, the best way is to try it and see if it works - just go to the URL above to connect up


    This next www site has chat rooms on the www also and also uses your browser. I've spent a little time there and do not know of psychodrama rooms. Mine works ok but is slow.

    For more on WBS go to Web Broadcasting Service

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    IRC - is the infamous one the media love.
    It requires a dedicated client or programme. has an excellent introduction to IRC

    I use IRCle which is great for mac. Make sure you have the latest version (shareware)
    IRCle Home page

    mIRC for IBM systems has a good reputation.

    There are thousands of channels
    I go in through AU.Undernet server then channel #chat.
    When we find one another there we can hive off onto our own +i channel, or DCC chat which is private between two.

    Browsing channels, lurking, is one way to find what's around.

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    Chatting on one of these requires a suitable (telnet or derivative) client or programme, see below.

    Psychodramatists sometimes visit, even congregate here:
    NB NEW URL JUNE 1998: Click here:
    Grassroots web page
    Grassroots MUD, telnet://

    TVR is a virtual community (MUVE) that fosters the growth and development of all its citizens.
    It is a functional community that encompasses education, culture, and support where distance is not a barrier to cooperation and collaboration.
    It originated from the integration of text-based virtual reality, listservs, and the World Wide Web to harness the Information and Communication potential of the Internet.

    There are virtual worlds and role-playing games available this way as well. A net search on the word "MUD" will yield lots.


    This is needed to give you access to Grassroots and other MUDs

    There are several specialized MOO clients for various platforms available:

    Savitar is excellent Now fully tested, a shareware version can be downloaded from
    Heynow Software


    or GMud

    or Zmu d

    Unix: Tiny Fugue

    Amiga: AmigaMUD

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