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 Despite my best intentions, I am usually very slow to respond to email.
Also, from about mid 2008 to March 2010 most email to ian@dalwood.org was not received.
I encourage you to send me a reminder if you are missing a reply.

I am (very slowly) redeveloping the website with new arrangements which allow lots more flexibility and extra features.
I hope to re-launch it one day. In the meantime, I hope you find some useful information here.

The  dalwood.org  domain is re-activated, but the website is still (temporarily!) re-directed to users.on.net/~idalwood.


This website is dedicated to my 3rd cousins, the late Christobel SANGSTER (née WILLIAMS)
and the late Jocelyn MOORE (née DALWOOD)
and to 4th cousin and dear friend the late Bill GOFFETT,
(all Dalwood descendants).
Christobel and Jocelyn started researching the Dalwood family many years ago, long before I started.
They gave me a wealth of information and encouragement.

A very special thank you to Roma GOFFETT for your work in the UK and for your friendship.
Thank you to Bev and Bill DAWSON (4th cousin 2x removed) for generously sharing the results
of your extensive and comprehensive research in South Australia and for your friendship.
These are your pages, too.

Purpose of this site

My aim is to provide a point of contact, a 'one-stop shop', for the research and exchange of information about Dalwood and related families around the world. I want to collect and present as much information as possible about these families (including descendants of Dalwood ancestors), starting with my own Dalwood branch and its connections. It is a never-ending endeavour. Please come back again - hopefully I will have added something new.

I maintain, and am willing to share with enquirers, a list of people and their interests expressed to me about any of the names associated with this wider family. I would be pleased to add your name and details of your particular interests. Your privacy will be respected, and I won't pass on your contact details if you tell me you don't want me to do so.

Dalwood here and there

The name
The name Dalwood simply means 'valley wood' or 'dale in the wood'. As such it is a locative surname, referring to a kind of place, probably where the name's first bearers lived. There are several identified variations to the spelling, many of which seem to be simply errors, for example, 'Delwood' and 'Dallwood' as encountered in modern times. Early variants such as 'Dilwode' and 'Dilwodde' also exist. There are people, places and businesses all around the world carrying the Dalwood name. I have found some of them.   more...More...

One very early recorded use of the name is the village of Dalwood in Devon, England. However, we are now aware of recorded use predating the earliest known references to Dalwood village. More information to come in the redeveloped website.

For more than four centuries, many Dalwood families have lived within about 10 miles of Yeovil, Somerset England, at various locations including Stoke sub Hamdon, Barwick, Martock, Milborne Port, Misterton, Montacute, Pendomer, Sherborne (Dorset), and South Petherton. Dalwoods appear in Stoke sub Hamdon parish records as early as 1561 and as recently as 1978 (or perhaps later). In the 1800s, several families migrated to Australia, and also to various other parts of the world. Now there are many more Dalwoods in South Australia than anywhere else in Australia.

Our research

So far, my attention has concentrated on South Australia and elsewhere in Australia, and to a lesser extent, England. Many people, most of whom are cousins (or 'cousins-in-law'), have generously shared information with me and I am deeply grateful for their help. Information I present here is the result of our collective endeavours, but there are still many gaps and unexplored lines. Perhaps you have a puzzle piece?   more...More...

Dalwood record transcriptions

I collect transcriptions of Dalwood entries from numerous record sources (mainly from South Australia and Somerset, England). These have been transcribed by me and by others, and I am including as many of them as possible on this site.   more...More...

My family

sailing ship pictureMy family's earliest arrival in South Australia was in 1839, barely three years after the colony's foundation, and when the population was less than 13,000. Most of my father's family came to South Australia from Somerset/Dorset and most of my mother's family came to South Australia from Cornwall. Much of my mother's family has already been well researched by others. In the mid-1800s at least twelve of my great-great-grandparents came to South Australia from England. Seven of my great-grandparents were born in South Australia and the other in England (London).   more...More...

The Overland Telegraph

My grandfather's uncle, William Trevett Dalwood was a contractor for the construction of the northernmost 600 miles (965 km) of the Australian Overland Telegraph line. The project was an incredibly bold venture by the government and people of the colony of South Australia during 1870-1872.  William's contract was awarded amidst controversy, and after considerable effort had been expended, it was annulled amidst even more controversy.   more...More...

About me

I am an 'ex-patriate' South Australian, having left Adelaide early in 1972, to take up employment in Canberra. My wife, our three children, and four grandchildren were all born in Canberra.

I am addicted to genealogy/family history, and like most genealogists, spend only a fraction of the time on it that I would like. I am a member of the Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra and the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society, and I subscribe to the South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society's journal, The South Australian Genealogist.

I am a retired engineer, having worked most of my career in information technology, developing and maintaining engineering support systems. Other technology and genealogy interests have overtaken my amateur radio activity, although I have remained licensed since 1969 (callsign currently VK1ID, previously VK1KID).

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