North Melbourne Football Club


North Melbourne Hall of Fame Legends

Inaugural Legend in 2002
Wayne Schimmelbusch

Elevated in 2003
John Dugdale

Elevated in 2007
Dr Allen Aylett, OBE

Elevated in 2009 (Inducted in 2002 and 2003 respectively)
Keith Greig, MBE
David Dench

Elevated in 2011 (Inducted in 2002)
Les Foote

Elevated in 2012 (Inducted in 2009)
Laurie Dwyer

Elevated in 2016 (Inducted in 2011)
Anthony Stevens

North Melbourne Hall of Fame Inductees

Inducted in 2002
James Henry Gardiner
Wally Carter
Ron Joseph
Ron Barassi, AM
Ron Casey, AM MBE

Inducted in 2003
Syd Barker
Malcolm Blight, AM
Noel Teasdale
Jim Hannan

Inducted in 2009
John Lewis
Denis Pagan
Wayne Carey
Albert Mantello
John Francis (Jack) Adams
Barry Cheatley

Inducted in 2011
Syd Dyer
Frank Trainor
Kevin Dynon

Inducted in 2012
Matthew Larkin
Glenn Archer
Jock Spencer
Bob Ansett
Ross Glendinning

Inducted in 2016
Jim Krakouer
Wayne Schwass
Barry Cable

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