What is Twister?

Twister is a program that generates a displacement that would usually take an extremely long time, or just be impossible to do in Hammer.

Twister started out as a program with the single purpose of generating a displacement that twisted 90 degrees along the central axis, to give the result of a lookalike of the twisted corridor from 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'.

For a full history of the program, visit the Twister History page.

Using the save button in the 3D preview will ignore the length override setting in curve and corner modes. If you want to override length, use the "Go!" button on the main form.

Twister can generate:

Please take some time in testing this release, and informing me of any crashes or bugs in the program, and please inform me if you have any suggestions on what else Twister should Generate.
» Download Twister v1.1

NOTE: Twister was made using SharpDevelop, in C# - so you need the .NET framework 2.0!
Twister was inspired by DispEd, which didn't have enough options to please me.

Version History - Important stuff in italics.