Tubular Aggregate Myopathy (also known as Myopathy with Tubular Aggregates)

- a rare disease of skeletal muscle

Axial and broadside electron microscope views of tubular aggregates in human skeletal muscle

Frequently asked questions

A Bibliography of tubular aggregate myopathy (with abstracts)

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Does TAM have any effect on vision?

How I Came to Walk Again - one account of the treatment of TAM with verapamil.

Electronics a boy has to have a hobby


Craig's forum     Contact other folk with TAM and cheer up with Craig's (Welsh?) humour.

The TAM forum on BrainTalk     No longer recommended. Sadly Brain Talk has has had a brain failure and gutted this thread.

The TAM forum at Rareshare.org

TAM pages at the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center


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