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Medieval Bibliographic Resources

The Library of the Richard III Society which as you would guess deals mainly with the Wars of Roses, in particular and the late 1400s in England in general. There are a few surprising documents, including a complete version of The Arrival (of Edward IV) and Warkworth's Chronicle of Edward's reign; relevant sections of the Croyland Chronicle; Tudor sources such as More's History of RIII and Polydore Vergil's History; several academic texts; some contemporary poetry and some weird gems including brief histories of the period written by Horace Walpole and Jane Austen.

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook. This comes in 3 sections - selected sources; full text sources; and saints' lives. It covers late ancient, medieval, Byzantine and renaissance periods, including a huge crusades reference section. The selections are compendious and interlink to a number of the other sites. To give a brief example, the English medieval section of the sourcebook's full text section includes the Laws of Alfred and Ine [in Anglo Saxon], the Dialogue of the Exchequer, 1180s [Full text of Book First, titles of Book Second], the Anthology of Chancery English, René of Anjou: Tournament Book, 1406, and Paston Family Letters and Papers.

The Online Reference Books for Medieval Studies This "Encyclopedia" contains original essays and Primary Sources, including literature, chronicles, and other texts. Many of the texts are also available on the other sites. This site complements them with resources for teaching and learning as well as other Online resources, such as works of art, maps, links to museums and libraries, centres for medieval studies, and references to professional organizations.

Bibliography of English translations from medieval sources. This site includes translations of many medieval texts into modern English including collections of historical documents.

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A Spanish site which gives details on the Pilgrim's Road to Santiago de Compostela.

The best available site appears to be the one supplied by Informacion Xacobeo - which appears to be the local council of culture. This has detailed information about routes the modern "pilgrim" can take and the local hospitality on the road and in Santiagos.

You can read about Jack and Cath's pilgrimage in Holy Year to Santiago de Compestela in 2004 on this website.

coquille st jacques

The cockle-shell
was the symbol of
the pilgrim on the
road to Santiago


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