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I'm a child of the post WW2 baby boom. I live in Sydney, Australia, the home of the 2000 Olympics and the best place in the world to live.

Because American ideas and culture have dominated the world for the last fifty years, its propaganda that the good ol' USofA has some sort of unique position in the world with respect to freedom has been pervasive. Despite the best efforts of the current Prime Miniature, and the absence of a written Bill of Rights in our Constitution or law, Australia is a free, democratic, secular, multicultural and diverse nation. We have our faults - including a failure to properly acknowledge, and apologise to, the Indigenous people of Australia for the harm that European settlement did to them, especially through the attempts at "assimilation" through forced removal of children from their parents; a tendency to regard with undue suspicion the successive waves of immigrants to a land largely settled by voluntary immigration; and an overly conservative attitude to social institutions. But most of us most of the time surmount these faults and try for a better world.

I have had input to the Internet for some years, through my employer's website and on a private company website. As a part of that site, I had a private little corner where I talked about movies and about history. That site has closed and so I have decided to create my own little corner of the Web and use much of the same material.

The material on this website is the opinion of Jack R Herman and should not be confused with the thoughts of any sane individual. On the other hand, I do express those views I have which tend to be progressive.

Of all the humbug statements that bug me, the humbuggest is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." By my reckoning, this is just a cowardly avoidance of problems. "If it ain't perfect, then let's improve it," I say. That's the philosophy that underlies my raves.


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