Genealogy Site for Nobes, Hamilton, Barbary and Holly families

Last Updated: 7 May 2007

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My name is James Nobes and this site is dedicated to my family, and contains the work I've done so far on documenting it.

In 2001, when my father passed away, I believed my family was only small - I didn't think I had many relations at all. In going through his personal belongings I came across a family tree that had been created some 20 years earlier. It contained many relationships from the Hamilton family, and my father had written in his name, my mother's name and myself and sisters. This was the starting point for my journey.

Since then I've found that over the years many people in my family have done similar, but I'd never really seen them before.


I soon realised that I need to have some goals for research, otherwise it can become an intractable task. So I've decided to focus on the names of my four grandparents: Nobes, Hamilton, Barbary and Holly. And as I have the Nobes name, that's where I enjoy researching the most. Since marrying, my wife has also taken an interest in her family tree, so you'll also find the Leitass family.


I believe this is an investment in the future. In the short time that I've been doing this, I feel like I really know my place. When I visit different destinations or hear people talk about overseas places, I'm often able I think "our family's lived here", or "our family had something to do with the founding of this". It gives life some perspective.

I hope you enjoy browsing. If you would like to contribute, correct, or just comment, please email me:

So, what have I done?

I've transferred any and every relevant family tree that I could find over to electronic format. I've added comments and descriptions for people as I come across them, but I know that there's a lot more information out there. I've added matching persons from other web sites such as LDS and many other sources. I've made contact with other family researchers and exchanged information.


I'm more of a computer scientist than a genealogist. I know that often the problem with these things is that errors are easy to introduce so unless you always go back to source material you can never be quite sure what you have is accurate. I don't have unlimited time for this project and so have taken the approach that if others are publishing information, then there should be some basis in fact. Even if dates or names are slightly incorrect, I'd still add it (recently also including a reference to where I found the info) rather than to omit it. Another technique might be to maintain a separate tree of 'verified' sources - that may happen in the future. So bottom line is everything here is work in progress - it's published here before being verified so that it can be reviewed, and with the principle that it might point someone else in the right direction rather than being an authoritative source. Caveat lector.


GenoPro reports including pictures, descriptions and relationships to other people:

Nobes family, Hamilton family, Barbary family, Holly family (my grandparents and older)

Leitass family (all of Iveta's family).

Memoires of my grandmother, Eva Bernice Barbary (transcription in progress).