Sea anemones look like sea flowers but they are animals of the Phylum Cnidaria (aka Phylum Coelenterata). Sea anemones have a cylindrical body surrounded by stinging tentacles, which trap their prey and draw it into the mouth to be digested.


Special features of the sea anemone include:

  • stinging tentacles which are used both for catching food and protection
  • ability to anchor themselves to rocks but also to move around if the conditions become unfavourable
  • can retract their tentacles when water is too shallow to avoid direct sunlight
  • different species reproduce in different ways - some sexually and others asexually
  • live with other sea creatures for mutual benefit - eg. hermit crab, clownfish, certain algae

Sea anemones live in all oceans from the shore to great depths and are found in crevices, under rocks, on coral and anchored in the sand.

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