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DANGER! The blue ringed octopus should come with a warning sign.

The blue ringed octopus is a small Cephalopod with a very dangerous poison that can cause death to an adult human in minutes if the bite is not treated correctly. There is no known antidote for the poison.

Special features of the blue ringed octopus include:

  • live along the coast of Australia and some Pacific Islands
  • ability to fit into very small places including under rocks, in cracks on the reef, in tidal pools and inside shells, bottles, cans and other detritus on the sea floor.
  • protection of the eggs by the female who carries them around under her skirt/tentacles
  • all features known to other cephalopods such as large mantle with 8 tentacles, intelligent, excellent eyesight and defence mechanisms such as jet propulsion, the ability to change colour and skin texture rapidly and elaborately, and ink skirting.
  • and, a powerful poison that can kill an adult human in minutes!

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