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Cuttlefish are soft-bodied marine cephalopods, with a large head ringed by tentacles and an internal cuttlebone. Cuttlefish display natural camouflage, sepia ink squirting, jet propulsion and neutral buoyancy.


All cuttlefish are "amazing". They are intelligent and exhibit quite complex behaviour.

  • Cuttlefish are soft-bodied marine animals that can change both the colour and texture of their skin rapidly to provide natural camouflage.
  • Cuttlefish belong to the Class Cephalopoda and like all cephalopods, they have a large head that is ringed by tentacles.
  • Cuttlefish glide through the water by gently rippling their skirt-like fins.
  • They have neutral buoyancy and can vary their depth easily by changing the proportion of liquid to air in their internal skeleton, the cuttlefish bones.
  • When threatened, a cuttlefish will squirt sepia ink into the water and hurry away using a form of jet propulsion.

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