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Seadragons are only found in the temperate waters off southern Australia. Leafy Seadragons have been recorded from Geraldton, Western Australia and in specific areas along the southern Australian coastline to Wilsons Promontary in Victoria. Weedy Seadragons are found in waters from Geraldton, Western Australia, along the southern Australian coastline and up to Port Stephens in New South Wales. The Leafy Seadragon and the Weedy Seadragon are both protected under Australian government laws.

Leafy Seadragon swimming       Leafy Seadragon in Seaweed

Both the Leafy Seadragons and the Weedy Seadragons inhabit rocky reefs, seaweed beds, seagrass meadows and structures colonised by seaweed. They are usually sighted individually but are sometimes seen in groups. Seadragons are found in shallow coastal waters down about 50 metres but are usually spotted in water between 4 and 10 metres deep. Seadragons are thought to move out into slightly deeper water as they get older.


Young Seadragons are preyed upon by fish, crustaceans and sea anenomes. Adult Seadragons are at risk from habitat destruction when seagrass meadows and seaweed beds are damaged, increasing amounts litter and other pollution, and excessive fertilizer run-off. Some are caught as bycatch in trawling nets. Leafy Seadragons are also widely sought in the aquarium fish trade but their dietary and other needs make them almost impossible to keep .

Leafy Seadragon swimming       Weedy Seadragon swimming

Seadragon Links

To learn more about Seadragons or to record your siting of a Seadragon (either whilst diving and snorkelling or washed up on the beach), check out the Dragonsearch web-site.

A great place to see Seadragons is at the AQWA Aquarium of Western Australia at Hillarys in Perth, Western Australia or your own state aquarium.

Another interesting site is a web directory called Seahorse and Sea Dragon Central which lists many other good sites.

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