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6. Audio Setup

6.1 Disable KDE sound server

When logged in as user 'mythtv' with KDE running (as you should be now) click on the red hat, then Control Center. From the left column in the new window choose Sound & Multimedia, then Sound System. In the right pane unselect Enable the sound system. Click Apply, and then log out, log back in. I usually get a KNotify message about a crash when I apply the settings, but it doesn't seem to cause any damage.

6.2 Set up the volumes

Start kmix or alsamixer, unmute and set to 81% both the master volume and the PCM volume. Using alsamixer you use the arrow keys to change sliders and the up/down arrows to increase/decrease volume. The M key mutes (indicated by an M at the top of the slider) and unmutes (no M).

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