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Installing MythTV using a DVICO Fusion HDTV DVB-T

Jani Talikka

8 Jan 2005
My short guide on installing MythTV and configuring it for basic operations with a DVICO Fusion HDTV DVB-T Plus card, using an nVidia FX5200 for SVIDEO TV output and normal analogue sound output.

Version 0.0002 Still very much in draft form. Please send feedback if you find errors, or if you have problems understanding what I mean.

1. My gear

2. Installing Fedora

3. Compiling a custom kernel

4. Configuring the kernel

5. Video driver Setup - nVidia and DVICO

6. Audio Setup

7. Install MythTV-suite

8. Make the remote work

9. Setting up MySQL

10. Getting everything ready to configure MythTV

11. Running mythtvsetup

12. Running MythTV

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