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Danger, passion, intrigue... and a penguin?

Amazing tales of adventure by Jason Follett and Kristie Smith, currently living in Adelaide, South Australia - WARREN UNLEASHED!

Click here to go directly to the latest issue of the Irrepressible Gekko - read all about the Bayeaux Tapestry, Jase's Books, the Leonid Meteor Shower, the Royal Adelaide Show, Toyota Prius hybrid electric car review, movie reviews, and other interesting stuff - NEW PRETTY FORMAT!

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Lizard or penguin enthusiast? Check out my summary list of 65 Gekko Gecko links - or my 59 Penguin links (links updated 09 January 2001). More...

The Jun-May 2002 edition of the Gekko is HERE (hooray!). Read all about my books, the meteor shower, the Toyota Prius test drive, movie reviews,
and see Warren the Uberhound in the third incredible Bluffworld MOVIE!
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Passion, intrigue, danger... and a penguin?
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