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This page contains links to articles in the Glasgow Gekko. Issues are arranged from most recent and trail back into the past. Use this page to help you navigate quickly to interesting tidbits of information.

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Volume 2 - The Glasgow Gekko
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Volume 1 - Tales from the Big House
5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

The Glasgow Gekko

Volume 2 Issue 10 (Oct-Dec 1998)


Page 1

Page 2

Christmas Looms

Victoria Visit

Thousands of Books and a Magic Apple

Kristie's Column

Forbidden Theatrics

Bluff - Xmas

One Show Worth Seeing (Leonid Meteor Storm)


Hot Air Ballooning


Volume 2 Issue 9 (May-Sept 1998)


Page 1

Page 2

The Fellowship of the Ring

Doorways from within Books

Marble Hill Ruins

The Second Follett Visit

A Subdued but Fishy Birthday

Kristie's Column


Bluff - Dumbells

Volume 2 Issue 8 (Jan-May 1998)


Page 1

Page 2

Lots of News

The Wharf Dispute & related objects

Hard Work Ethic

A Quick Vic Flick

Harder Play Ethic

Kristie's Column

The Botanical Gardens at the End of Time and Space

Bluff - Emu & Crossword Solution

Volume 2 Issue 7 (Oct-Dec 1997)


Page 1

Page 2

Santa's Book Elf

Hello Harmony

Introducing Mr & Mrs Ellis

Kristie and Jase’s Anniversary


Mum Follett’s 60th Birthday

Page 3

Family Histories

Goolwa Dreaming

Jase’s Big Crash

The Unnaturally Long & The Infinitesimally Small

Page 4

Kristie's Column

Bluff - The Gekko Crossword

Volume 2 Issue 6 (September 1997)


Page 1

Page 2

Enter the Writer

Assorted Announcements

Legal & General

Family Histories

Book Bound

Moving Postponed

Bec's Big Thing

Kristie's Column


Bluff - Run Over/Disguise

Volume 2 Issue 5 (July/August 1997)


Page 1

Page 2

Weaselboy Gets Work

TAFE Saga Continues

More Good News

Anyone for a Witch Burning?

Big Birthday Bash

Kristie’s Column


The Rest of the Good News

Volume 2 Issue 4 (May 1997)


Page 1

Page 2

Lightning Visit

And the End of Brigitte

Spellbound Books Take Flight

Temporarily Jase

The Demise of The Cord

Kristie's Dribble

Volume 2 Issue 3 (March 1997)


Page 1

Page 2

The 'Black Chasms of Doom' Issue

We're Defecting Back to Victoria

Strange Business Policies

Kristie’s Column

How Much for a Screw?

And in the Future?

Happy Happy Joy Joy


The Familiar Clash of Swords


Volume 2 Issue 2 (January 1997)


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Page 2

The Yuletide Blur

The First Follett Visit

On Yer Bike Lad!

Kristie’s Column

Haggis and Iolena

A Very Social Life

1997 Book of Stuff


Volume 2 Issue 1 (Nov-Dec 1996)


Page 1

Page 2

Goodbye Big House

Now for Some Performance Poetry

The Writing Life for Me

Kristie’s Column

Razor Arrives!

A Social December

TAFE 1996

That's About It

The Cord

Surfing Penguin

Tales from the Big House

Volume 1 Issue 5 (October 1996)


Page 1

Page 2

The Missing Month

The History of the Roman Empire

Big Jobs!

The Royal Adelaide Show

Everyone, meet 'Book'

Kristie’s Column

All Aboard 'The Cord'

The Printer and Jase-cam

TAFE Troubles

Final Blah...


Why cant penguin’s whistle?

Volume 1 Issue 4 (August 1996)


Page 1

Page 2

Happy Birthday to me

TAFE Time!


Exactly How Big?

Spellbound Books

Kristie’s Column

Computer Biker

And as the Sun Sinks Slowly in the West...


Bluff - an Arab camel

Volume 1 Issue 3 (July 1996)


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Page 2

Dark Clouds

I landed full-time work as an editorial assistant!

RAZOR Blades

One Bad Apple

Thayne and the Chocolate Factory

Kristie’s Column

Sunshine and Storms

Off Road Rider


Brightening Skies at TAFE


Life in the Big House


The ‘Penguin/Tim Tam’ Joke

Volume 1 Issue 2 (June 1996)


Page 1

Page 2

Nose to the Grindstone

Now for a Real Accident

Future TAFE

Life in Kristie-ville (by Kristie)

Sha-na-na-na Na-na-na-na

The Big Ol' Empty House 'n' Me

A Funny Thing Happened...

Bluff on Whitsunday Island

Wheels of Misfortune


Volume 1 Issue 1 (May 1996)


Page 1

Page 2

Documents of Life

Spellbound Books

Centred on Writing

It's your ABC


ACE Jase!

More Bloody Writing!

Life in Kristie-ville

Now for a Whipping

Life in the Big House


Enter the Penguin