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gekko [New] 
"Gekko gecko Copyrighted 1998 by Jonathan Perez"
Gekko Gecko's Place [Changed] 
"Hello, and welcome to Gekko Gecko's Place! The barbie digital camera sucks the big one. So im back to trying to take some on the camera. ARG i suck at this dont i?" ***** 
Glasgow Gekko Lizard Links - 59 UPDATED lizard links to gecko gekko related sites 
"gecko, Hercules, Photo by Thomas Krueger 1998. - What is a Tokay Gecko? Tokay gecko is the common name for the species Gekko gecko. This is the genus, Gekko, and species gecko. Yes, they are spelled differently."
Welcome to the Gekko by Jason R. Follett & Kristie Smith (Glasgow Gekko 
"Welcome to the Gekko Gekko - 59 Gekko Gecko links - or my 86 Penguin links." ***** 
Lizards - Geckos 
"Madagascan Ground Pareodura bastardi $24.00 Marbled Gecko monarchus $8.00 $6.40 $5.60 $4.80 $4.00 Mossy Leaftail Uroplatus sikorea $80.00 Peruvian Thicktail $9.60 Satanic Leaftail Uroplatus phantasticus $96.00 Tibetan Frog-eye Teratoscincus roborwaski$38.40 $35.20 $32.00 $28.80 Tokay Gekko gecko $9.60 $8.00 $6.40 $5.60 $4.80 White-striped Gekko vittatus $12.00" ***** 
Die Geckos 
"Stachelschwanz-Gecko Australien/ Tropen bis Wste 28 C/ 20-22 C 83 cm (KRL), 140 (GL)/ Zucht leicht, paarweise Diplodactylus williamsi ohne Australien/ Berge, Wald 26-30 C/ 20-22 C 11 cm (GL)/ Nachtaktiv, aggressive Hautabsonderungen Eublepharis macularius Leopard-Gecko Indien/ Trockengebiete 30 C/ 20 C, 50-70% m.u.w. 12 cm (KRL), 20 cm (GL)/ Nachtaktiv, Gruppe Gekko gecko Tokeh Indien/ Regenwald 25-30 C/ 20-25 C, 70-90% m.u.w. 17 cm (KRL), 35 cm (GL)/ Einzelgnger, Hemidactylus..." ***** 
Gecko Ranch - Supplies, Breeds, Herpetology [New] 
"Gecko Info - Gekko vittatus - Skunk Gecko ***** 
geckos at gecko links: personal pages 
" Smiling Gecko An incubator cam, and leopard pics The Herp Venue Care info on leopard geckos. Jamie's Leopard Gecko Pages Leopard Gecko information here. Gekko Gecko Home of the origional White Lined Gecko care sheet Gecko Homepage NEW Information for amateur gecko owners" ***** 
" Scientific classification: Geckos make up the family Gekkonidae. The African day gecko is classified in the genus Phelsuma, and the New Zealand tree gecko in the genus Naultinus. The banded gecko is classified as Coleonyx variegatus, the Mediterranean gecko as Hemidactylus turcicurus, and the tokay gecko as Gekko gecko. [Home] [Our Software] [Web Reference] [Reptile Reference]" ***** 
Re: Tokeh (gecko gecko [New] 
"Re: Tokeh (gecko gecko) - Ich hatte frher ber 10 Jahre Tokays (brigens Gekko gecko, nicht Gecko gecko) und auch Zuchterfolge. Seit kurzem habe ich wieder ein junges Prchen." ***** 
MONOGRAPH: - Gecko [New] 
"Gecko - Gekko gecko L." ***** 
ScienceDaily Magazine -- UC Berkeley Study Shows Gecko Foot Hairs Are Amazing Dry Adhesives 
"Working with the ""Cadillac"" of the gecko world, a Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) native to Southeast Asia, the team of biologists and engineers showed that the combined adhesive force of all the tiny hairs lining the gecko's toes is 10 times greater than the maximum force reportedly needed to pull a live gecko off the wall. Geckos apparently use only a fraction of the hairs at one time, though they have been known to hang from the ceiling by one toe." ***** 
Re: Tokeh (gecko gecko 
"Re: Tokeh (gecko gecko) - Ich hatte frher ber 10 Jahre Tokays (brigens Gekko gecko, nicht Gecko gecko) und auch Zuchterfolge. Seit kurzem habe ich wieder ein junges Prchen." ***** 
Rare Earth Inc. Albino Tokay Gecko [New] 
"Albino Tokay Gecko - (Gekko gecko) 1999-2000 Captive Born Offspring Price List" ***** 
Tokay Gecko 
"Tokay Gecko - Gekko gecko gecko ***** 
"Gecko You declare war on your cockroach adversaries at 3:00 a.m. on a bewitching Zancudo night, unaware that your outlook is about to change. Soon you'll work with Nature instead of fighting against the planet. - A gecko is a lizard. There are several kinds. There's the gekko gecko (clarifies spelling), also called the tokay gecko because of the sound of its call. Then there's the smaller house gecko. There are others ... the tokay is more or less gray with red dots, and gets about..." ***** 
Gekko gecko Gekko gecko 
"Nom scientifique Nom Vernaculaire Gekko gecko Tokay" ***** 
Global Gecko Association 
"Gekko & Chit Chat - Notes on three species of gecko endemic to the Mountainous region of Cedarber, Western cape, South Africa. Gekko. 1(2):2-5. [167, Bd. Vincent Avriol, 75013 Paris, France]" ***** 
Tokee Gekko Gekko gecko Tokay Gecko@INGRESSI KESK = R 
"Tokee Gekko Gekko gecko Tokay Gecko Tokee gekkoja esiintyy luonnossa l hinn kaakkoisaasiassa ja Indonesian saaristossa. Ne viihtyv t p asiassa puissa ja niit l ytyy hyvinkin l helt ihmisasumuksia. Terraario-oloissa ne ovat kest vi ja el v t jopakolmekymment vuotta. Tokee gekko kasvaa noin 35 cm mittaiseksi. Sill on sormissa ja varpaissa tehokkaat tarttumalevyt, joiden avulla se pysyy helposti vaikkapa lasisen terraarion katossa. Se on h m r aktiivinen ja pysyttelee p ivisin piilossa..." ***** 
Tokay geckos 
"Tokay geckos - Gekko gecko ***** 
JASPER Tokay Gecko - Gekko gecko 
" of the prettiest Tokay Geckos I've ever seen... and I'm not just saying that because he's mine. Though Tokay's have a reputation for being pretty unfriendly, Jasper's relatively calm. He spends most of his day on the side of the tank near the top, just waiting for some crickets to drop in. He's not very vocal, though occasionally when I walk past his tank he'll let out a low, non-threatening growl. I always check on him when he does that, making sure he's got crickets and his tank has..." ***** 
Gecko gekko 
"Gekko gecko (Tokkeh ef Reuzen Gecko) Herkomst: Indonesie Voedsel: middel tot grote insekten en kleine knaagdieren Biotoop: Tropisch bos" ***** 
Features - What is a Gekko 
"The banded gecko (coleonyx variegatus) is native to desert regions and is the species most commonly found in North America. The tokay of Southeast Asia (gekko gecko) is the largest species of gecko, and is one of many varieties that is often kept as a pet. For more information on the gecko, visit the Global Gecko Association." ***** 
The Captive Bred Gecko Listings [New] 
"The Captive Bred Gecko Listings - The Captive Bred Gecko Listings are intended to help inform the gecko keeping community of the availability of captive bred offspring. - Gekko ulikovskii (Golden gecko)" ***** 
Podeska - gecko [New] 
"Podeska gecko Gecko World Graphics, Inc. - Gekko Gecko ***** 
Photo: Gecko gekko. Vietnam. The photographer - Dmitry A. Konstantinov [New] 
"Gecko gekko. Vietnam"
", , (Gekko gecko L.). ." ***** 
Herp-edia -- Geckos 
"Geckos - Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko)" ***** 
Tokay Gecko - Utah's Hogle Zoo 
"Tokay Gecko - Gekko gecko ***** 
Skunk Gecko Caresheet 
"The General Care of the White Lined Gecko - Written by Wayne Shipley owner of Gekko Gecko's Place! Thanx Gekko! - In the wild these geckos are found in the Indo Australian archipelago. They are a part of the Gekko family, which means that they are closely related to the Tokay gecko (head of the Gekko family). Among herpers they have come to be know as Skunk or white line geckos." ***** 
Travel Update #11 - February 1999 
"This geek article is on Gekko (no pun intended). - gecko, also spelled GEKKO, any lizard of the harmless but noisy family Gekkonidae, which contains about 80 genera and about 750 species." ***** 
Gekko gecko (Komodo, Indon sie / Komodo, Indonesia 
"Gekko gecko.(Gekkonidae) Komodo Island, Indonesia. Ile de Komodo, Indon sie." ***** 
" Gejie Tokay GECKO ƷΪڻƶGekko gecko Linnaeusĸ塣 [ԭ]ȫɴ30cmͷ ΣǶͻǿ׽Ƕˣ ԲΣ۴ͻڴ кܶϸСݡȫϸۣ Եۡβ ȣ׶ϣ[ҩ״]ƷʱƬ״ͷ ɲ9--18cmͷԼռ ֮һ 6--11cmβ6-- 12cmͷԳʱ״۶఼ ɿϸݣıԵ ʹݡDzԲΣ۲ ǿףϱҸ1Ƭ ϴ12..." ***** 
A Gekko Gecko site 
"This page was about the GEKKO GECKO site." ***** 
Global Exotic Pets (99) Inc. - Geckos [New] 
"Geckos - Gekko gecko (Tokay Gecko)" ***** 
Picture Directory [New] 
"Aeluroscalabotes felinus Malaysian Cat Gecko - Gekko geckoTokay Gecko ***** 
Gecko: A Smaller, Faster Lizard - HTML with Style - 
"home / experts / html / gecko - Gecko: A Smaller, Faster Lizard - gecko, also spelled GEKKO, any lizard of the harmless but noisy family Gekkonidae, which contains about 80 genera and about 750 species. - ""gecko"" Britannica Online" ***** 
WIEM: Gekon toke [New] 
"Gekon toke (Gekko gecko), jaszczurka zrodziny gekonw, zamieszkuje tropikalne rejony poudniowo-wschodniej Azji, wmiastach czsto yje na strychach icianach budynkw. Dorasta do 35 cm dugoci. Barwa ciaa niebiesko-szara lub brzowo-szara zczerwonymi lub bkitnymi ctkami. ywi si owadami, drobnymi gatunkami gekonw idrobnymi ssakami. Bardzo czsto hodowany wterrariach, wniewoli yje do 15 lat, uczy si przyjmowa pokarm zpsety, wtym rwnie kawaki misa. Odwied w internecie" ***** 
Encyclop dia Britannica | article page gecko 
"...each continent. The banded gecko (Coleonyx variegatus), the most widespread North American species, grows to 15 cm and is pinkish to yellowish tan with darker bands and splotches. The tokay gecko (Gekko gecko), the largest species, attains a length of 25 to 35 cm (10 to 14 inches). It is gray with red and whitish spots and bands. The tokay gecko, native to Southeast Asia, is frequently sold in pet shops. ",5716,36979+1+36280,00.html 
"In competing with Microsoft, Netscape is this month beginning the early release of a series of smaller, specialized browsers with the Gecko browser engine at their core, in a bid to deliver rich, Web-based applications and services through small, high-speed browsers that can run anywhere -- from traditional PC desktops to a wide variety of devices, according to the company.",5744,254384,00.html ***** 
Meaning of tokay 
"a gecko, Gekko gecko, of the Malay Archipelago and southeastern Asia: sometimes kept as a pet."
Meaning of gecko 
"any of numerous small, mostly nocturnal tropical lizards of the family Gekkonidae, usually having toe pads that can cling to smooth surfaces: the largest species, Gekko gecko, is sometimes kept as a pet."
Other U.S. Pro Leagues 
"*San Diego Flash208906530†Vancouver 86ers199847731†Seattle Sounders199815636†Orange County Zodiac1711735949†El Paso Patriots1216554959 San Francisco Bay Seals919403754 Sacramento Geckos02811691"
" See also gecko; monitor.See W. M. Milstead, ed., Lizard Ecology (1967); H. S. Fitch, Reproductive Cycles of Lizards and Snakes (1970); B. R. Headstrom, Lizards as Pets (1971)."
Wonder Boys 
"MAYBE SO, thinks Douglas, but it's an improvement over his past on-screen incarnations, including his Oscar-winning performance as corporate raider Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. ""[That ] was one of the nastiest roles I've ever played and I still have guys come up to me at a restaurant and say 'you know, man I saw that picture, you're the guy that made me want to...' And I say, 'oh, thank you so much, I'm so glad.' People vicariously like to be and do all those nasty things that bad guys do."""
A-League Final Standings (Outdoor 
"El Paso Patriots1216605154 Albuquerque Geckos5231539100" ***** 
Reptile Pics 
"Tokay Gecko Care Sheet - Sand substrate Scientific name: Gekko gecko ***** 
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The Basking Spot - The Complete Collection of Herp-Related Links 
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National Iguana Awareness Day - Georgia Chapter 
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Western Banded Gecko (DesertUSA 
"Western Banded Gecko - Banded Geckos, genus Coleonyx, are now considered to be in the family Eublepharidae because of common differences between the eublepharids and gekkonids which set them apart from each other. Moveable eyelids and lack of expanded toepads are the most notable of the anatomical features which set Coleonyx and its allies apart from the wall climbers such as Hemidactylus and Gekko. Range" ***** 
Gekko Gecko - Complete Web Solutions 
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Sweetman Exotics 
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Tokay GeckoGekko Gecko 
"Tokay Gecko - Gekko Gecko ***  
The Global Gecko Association 
"Page title: The Global Gecko Association" ***  
The Reptiles - Geckos Page [New] 
"Geckos Page" ***  
Creatures Great and small ent. -- Photo of Tokay Gecko [New] 
"Tokay Gecko *** - Gekko Genozid 
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