Short-tailed Monitor

(Varanus brevicauda)

The world's shortest monitor and the smallest monitor ever recorded was a member of this species. These monitors may be tiny, but they have heaps of personality. They are generally amongst the favourites of anyone who keeps them. Most specimens become very tame, despite their shy nature in the wild. Captive specimens will often feed directly out of their keeper's fingers. Their small size also makes their husbandy straightforward and as a result, breeding is not difficult. This species only lays small clutches of usually two, but sometimes up to five, eggs. Animals from my lineage are bright orange in colour and maintain this spectacular colouration into adulthood.

An adult female Short-tailed Monitor (Varanus brevicauda), captive bred from parents originating near Alice Springs NT.


A hatchling Short-tailed Monitor (Varanus brevicauda) being held to give an indication of size.

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