Red-Blotched Tree Monitor

(Varanus scalaris)

(Above & Below) My adult female Red-blotched Tree Monitor (Varanus scalaris)

This species name Varanus pellewensis was proposed for this colour morph of the Spotted Tree Monitor but some authors suggest that this type is merely a colour variant of the widespread and variable Varanus scalaris. The taxonomy of the entire V. timorensis group is somewhat uncertain. Virtually nothing is known of the wild habits of this colour morph, although it is presumably arboreal and widely distributed from the Gulf of Carpentaria to South-western Queensland. Very few specimens of this morph are currently held in captivity in Australia, though this type has been bred overseas on a few occasions. This is one of the most striking forms of the V. scalaris group in Australia and they appear to fare well as captives. The individual pictured here produced eggs in the absence of a male.



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