Storr's Monitor

(Varanus storri)


These were the first monitors I obtained and remain one of my favourites. The male in the photo is now about fifteen years old. Storr's Monitors are easy to keep and its easier to keep them well fed on insects than for larger species (like ackies). The animals I've kept often show a lot of "personality" for a small lizard. They have a reputation for being aggressive but this can usually be overcome by raising groups of juveniles together, or cooling down adults together. I have only occasionally had problems with aggression in this species. Breeding this species is fairly straightforward using standard monitor husbandry techniques and the females I've had generally produce 4-5 eggs per clutch. The eggs layed last year took about 104 days to hatch. The colour and pattern of these animals can be quite variable, ranging from distinct black reticulations with a red and grey dorsal surface through to individuals that are a fairly uniform brown. Adults have been known to reach up to 50cm in length in captivity but most only reach somewhere between 30cm and 40cm.

An adult male Storr's Monitor (Varanus storri), north Queensland (Charters Towers?) form.


A mating pair of Storr's Monitors.

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