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(players probably don’t want to come here to avoid spoilers)

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Official GM Aids from GreenRonin

n   Offical GM Aid: Combat Cards

n   Offical GM Aid: Quick Reference Sheet

n   Editable GM Aid: Combat Cards Form edited by PaintOnASign FP

n   Editable GM Aid: Quick Reference Form edited by PaintOnASign FP


n   Dragon Age Quickstart Guide (free! – supplied by Green Ronin and includes a short adventure)



n   100 Adventure Ideas (Adapted from Blue Rose) by Firallon

n   Adventure Plot Hooks discussion thread

n   At Basilisk Fort by Batgirl III FP

n   Bound in Stone by Malkcntent FP

n   Dead Company by kasabian224 FP

n   Fall of the Griffons by Kalia

n   Festival of Wolves by Malkcntent FP

n   Festival of Wolves Campaign Codex by Malkcntent FP

n   The Call of the Templars by Jamesserx10

n   The Reign of King Loghain – An Alternative DA Timeline by TheDux FP

n   The Secret of Eastvale by Dont Die FP [Alternate Link]

n   The Oleandar Maw by Dystopian Dream FP  (Alternate link)

n   This Present Darkness by BeffJaxter FP

n   Treason in Highever by Waynethegoblin


n   Streamlining the Dalish Curse by zanwot



n   Abomination by Teodor Kalamov

n   Arcane Horror by Teodor Kalamov

n   Blight Vulture by TheDux

n   Basilisk (D&D Inspired) by Siroh

n   Bear, Cave by gamerdad

n   Bereskarn (Blight Bear) by Saisei

n   Boar by gamerdad

n   Deepstalker (including variations) by Saisei

n   Desire Demon by Saisei

n   Drake by TheDux

n   Gargoyles by Lyger

n   Genlock Kennel-Master by Saisei

n   Gripper by Jekias

n   Ogre by gamerdad

n   Santa Claus Abomination (concept, no stats) by BatGirl III FP

n   Scorpion, Giant by gamerdad

n   Shriek by Saisei

n   Snake, Viper by gamerdad

n   Snake, Constrictor by gamerdad

n   Templar by Jamesserx10

n   Werewolf by TheDux

n   Wild Sylvan by gamerdad

n   Wolf, Dire by gamerdad

n   Wolf, Grey by gamerdad


è  Compilation of these monsters in pdf format: LINK (version 1.2) compiled by Jekias FP


n   Midgard Bestiary Volume 1 ($US 5.99 from Kobold Quarterly) – AGE system monsters for Midguard FP



n   Dalish Curse Audio (scroll to the bottom for links to all podcasts) by Illiani FP

n   Interview with Chris Pramas hosted by Illiani FP



n   DA:O Conversion of Magic Swords to DARPG by extrakun FP

n   Esoterica from Thedas (Vol1:Vault,  Vol2:Bestiary) by Hellebore & Tiger’s Heart

n   GM Cheatsheet by Armath FP

n   Magic Item Generator (Disclaimer: this is a executable file, download at your own risk) by cKerensky FP

n   Random Magic Item Generator by Firallon

n   Magic Items for low level play discussion



n   Batgirl’s Gamemastering Tips (Relating to DA) by Batgirl III  FP