Welcome to the web pages of John and Brenda Groffen. This is an update that has been overdue for some time.

These pages will reflect my family tree, hobbies and life in general.

I hope that you get some information from these pages for your family tree. If you do, drop me a line...

The families of interest to me are mainly the Groffen and Vaz Dias families. There are lots of side branches which also help to form the character of the our descendants.

Brenda's family trees consists of the Gilbert, Lidgard, Speed and Harrison families.

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My Amateur Radio Hobby:

John was always interested in elec-tronics and radio communication. He built his first crystal radio at the age of 13, secretly listening at night time to the local AM radio stations.

This ultimately led to, in a very round-about way, to obtaining his Novice Amateur Radio Proficiency Certificate.

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He was allocated his first callsign of VK5NGU, the 'N' denoting it as a novice licence. The requirements were:
  • Basic Electronics knowledge
  • Morse code at 5 words a minute
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Regulations and
  • completing the signing of a  Communication Secrecy Act undertaking.
The Novice limitations required to operator to limited frequency bands on HF and no priveleges on VHF or above.

After much study, he decided that it was time to step up to a 'Full Call' licence which required:
  • Advanced electronic knowledge
  • Morse code at 10 words a minute
  • As well as the usual other requirements as above.
When it came to the crunch, I could not manage the morse code. Sending was fine but receiving was not. Never the less, it did qualify me for the Limited call sign which was VK5KUC. It allowed further priveleges on 2m (VHF frequencies).

At some stage, the Morse code requirement was done away with and those on limited licences were granted Full Call priveleges and thus I became VK5KJG, a call sign of personal choice.

The bottom line is that if I, as an ex-boilermaker with no electronic training could do it, there is nothing to stop you from doing it. If interested, talk to a local amateur radio club. There is one in Whyalla...