Amateur Television in the Mid North of South Australia

Every Sunday evening at 7:00pm (local time) Bevan, VK5BD will re-broadcast the WIA session.

For those who miss the session, it is now uploaded to Youtube. 

Search Youtube for VK5BD to find these uploads or use this link: 
YouTube Link
Amateur television (ATV) is the transmission of broadcast quality video and audio over the wide range of frequencies of radio waves allocated for radio amateur use. 
ATV is used for non-commercial experimentation, pleasure and public service events. Amateur TV stations were on the air in many cities before commercial television stations came on the air. Various transmission standards are used, and these include the broadcast transmission standards of NTSC in North America and Japan, and PAL or SECAM elsewhere, utilizing the full refresh rates of those standards. ATV includes the study of building of such transmitters and receivers, and the study of radio propagation of signals travelling between transmitting and receiving stations. 
ATV is an extension of amateur radio. It is also called HAM TV or fast-scan TV (FSTV), as opposed to slow-scan television (SSTV). SSTV is a method of transmitting still images over radio, when it is not possible to send video. 
What is ATV/DATV? 
ATV = Amateur TeleVision is the transmission of normal fast-scan television signals within the frequency spectrum allocated to amateur radio. In Australia it is the PAL standard for analogue TV. 
DATV = Digital Amateur Television and in Australia it is the same as your normal Digital TV signal (DVB-T) however it is on slight different frequency of 445.5MHz. There is also the DVB-S (Satellite) as well as DVB-T (Terrestial) used within the amateur radio community. 

Amateur Television
in the Mid-North 

The Whyalla Amateur Radio Club has some very active members who have been transmitting on ATV for a number of years and haveing moved from Analog to Digital some time ago. David (VK5DMC), Alex (VK5ALX) and Roger (VK5YYY) and Bevan (VK5BD) regularly transmit programs and selected material to the VK5RDC ATV transmitter located near Port Pitie in the Mid-North of SA. 

The club also has some regular ATV viewers who watch the material broadcast by our members who have a regular scheduled transmission most evenings from 7.00pm to 8.00pm. We also have irregular transmissions for testing and experimenting as well. 

To watch ATV, you need to be able to tune your smart TV or Digital HD Set Top Box to 445.500MHz with a bandwidth of 7MHz.

Because this frequency is outside of the allocated TV channel spectrum, not every TV or Set Top Box is able to be tuned to the frequency required. My LG TV was able to be tuned in by manually tuning to the frequency of 445500 KHz and the standard bandwidth of 7 MHz. You will only be able to save this channel when there is a signal present.
Transmission Times

(all times are approximate) 
Monday - David VK5DMC - 7.00pm to 8.00pm
 Tuesday - Roger VK5YYY - 7.00pm to 8.00pm 
Wednesday - Alex - VK5ALX - 7.00pm to 8.00pm 
Thursday - John VK5KJG - 7.00pm to 8.00pm 
Friday - Steve - VK5MSD - 7.00pm to 8.00pm 
Sunday - Bevan - VK5BD - 7.00pm to 8.00pm 
(Includes the Weekly WIA Broadcast)
For those who are unable to tune in to the above frequencies, all is not lost. Most of the ATV operators also stream their show over the Internet from the following location. The URL is:
For Alex's Show use »

For other shows use »