On The Air
 Club On-Air Activities: 
WARC Net Night
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month: 
From 8.00pm to about 9.00pm or later depending on the verbosity of the group. 
This is a great way for the members to keep in touch and contact others in our region. The club runs a regular radio sched on the Bluff Repeater (VK5RMN) on 146.700MHz
The Net is run by our members on a rortating shift with each member taking a turn in controlling the net. 
(See the roster list below) 
The net is popular with regular numbers turning up each Net Night with a number of visitors who are most welcome. 



Since the advent of the CORVID19, the club has suspended face to face meetings and have reverted to the use of ZOOM. This has now extended to Net nights also. Anyone who wishes to take part in this and is not a member, please contact the secretary for an invite to this meeting. 

 The Old Codgers'
"Morning Get Together

There are several operators who get together in the mornings for a chew of the rag. Some get up for the early cup of coffee while others are on their way to work. This hosted by Patrick (VK5HAE) and John (VK5KJG)
We get together in an informal session at about 7.00am every weekday to solve the world's problems or chat about our day just gone or about today's events, or even about thing radio and antenna. We chat for about 1/2 hour. 
Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and the more the merrier. We meet on 439.025MHz. 
At 7.30am, some of the operators go on to 3.618MHz for a further morning sched with some of the Port Adelaide Radio Club hosted by VK5HOG (Dean Munday). 

 Wednesday Night Radio Net 
Control Roster 
Jul 01 & 15 - VK5XXX 
Aug 05 & 19 - VK5XXX
Sep 02 & 16 - VK5XXX
Oct 07 & 21 - VK5XXX
Nov 04 & 18 - VK5XXX
Dec 02 & 16 - VK5XXX

Net Time commences at 
20:00 Hrs (Local Time)