Our Family Tree
Croymans, Panalang Batu, Scudds, Southall, Van Den Broek  

Welcome to our family tree page.

Our actual tree contains lots information and like any family tree information it is either provided by someone else, hypothetical guesswork, solid facts, information gained from other researchers, websites etc  Our sources, which are not on the tree, tell us what state they are in eg most are waiting for either a direct descendant to confirm or for us to actually site the original sources eg BDM's, census materials etc  Most of the information is there because it has come from somewhere, nothing makes it 'more' correct until we have verified the information.  As you can imagine this is an endless process that we are constantly working through for all our trees.  Therefore please feel free to advise us of corrections and if you have researched yourselves, why you have perhaps chosen one possibility over another. 

Genealogy is not an exact science,
but together we can unlock our families of the past.

Please contact us if feel you may be related, or have further information to add to our trees.


Our research includes:

Our Father's side:

SOUTHALL, Alfred Ernest Stanley

traced back to

Southall, Benjamin
(born about 1797 in Worcestershire, England)

- and -

SCUDDS, Olive Marguerite traced back to SCUDDS, William
(born about 1827 in Oxfordshire, England)


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