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Please Note: I do not claim this list of links to be a fully comprehensive list of Linux sites. This listing is offered for general assistance only. I am still compelled to use Windows at work, but at home I use GNU/Linux. I have setup my PC with multiple boot and I use Linux Mandrake for my main Linux o/s and play with many other distro's. I still have an account at Bigpond but that site will gradually be superseded by this one
NB this page is ONLY meant to be a starting place to find sites NOT a place of resources

Australian and International links to LINUX web sites

  Australian Linux sites
LinMagAU Online Australian Linux/OSS mag. local content & local people
Linux Org AU Australian site for Linux information, help, news and Usergroups
AU Usergroups Where is my nearest Linux Australian Usergroup? at
Linux Vendors Australian vendors list, products and services (at
CyberEssentials VIC Supplies systems, distros & software, also has Express BBS ISP
LSL distribution Unix variants, Large selection of Binary Installers from LSL in Vic
EverythingLinux Who claim to be the largest Australian Linux specialty store, NSW
NetCraft S.A. Supports, promotes RH Linux in business & personal computing
Linuxware NSW Linuxware in Sydney supply hardware & various distributions
Linux Services WA For Linux Software, hardware and Services. Based in Perth WA
Linux-hut QLD Linux Hut is a Brisbane based GNU/Linux distribution centre NSW Major Linux/BSD distros, app's, plus merchandise and books
PlanetMirror AU National/International site Linux distros, patches, software FTP-pub
AarnetArchive AU National site (AU only) Linux distros, patches, software FTP-pub
LinuxToday AU Australian website for Linux news, features, events etc. + signup
Caldera Systems Regional information for SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand & India
Explore2fs Lets WIN read Ext2/3 partitions by John Newbigin & more tools
BPALogin The Australian ISP, freeware Bigpond Cable client for Linux
Home Broadband BB Internet Connections with Linux for Telstra/Optus cable/adsl
  International Linux sites
Linux Org Online Linux a Unix-type Operating System and variants official sites
Linux Distro Lists Large list of all types of Linux Distributions at Linux Org
Distrowatch Detailed comparison of Linux distro's, mirror Brisbane Melbourne
Metalab (ibiblio) Gigabytes of Linux distros, programs & docs for d/l, Mirrors
LWN Distributions An exhausive, well organised list of all known Distributions
Linux COM Your one-stop Linux web page, from chatting to news to links
Kernel Archives Main home page for the Linux Kernel Archives for info. & news etc
Linux Kernel PUB Primary site for latest Linux kernel source code, also Mirror sites
Linux HQ Up-to-date information about the Linux kernel, patches & gen. info.
Network Admin The Network Administrators' Guide at LinuxDoc
Linux LTModem Lucent Winmodem drivers for all major Linux distro's + source
Linmodems support Updated support, includes AMR Softmodems (refer Resources) Used to be Freezer Burn, now its a gallery of snapshots
Debian Planet Org Debian only Site that contains News, Headlines, Software, Links
Newbiedoc Net Debian only Site by/for Newbies with help/info/tips at sourceforge
MandrakeUsersOrg Main Mandrake users help site, forums, info, links and more
MandrakeUserOrg Was the old help site, has not been updated since Mandrake 8.2
Mandrake Forum Discussion forum for Mandrake related tips, tricks, news etc
Desktop Linux Tips-Tricks-HowTos, Mandrake bias but works with most distros
LinuxQuestions Forums where newbies ask questions & experts offer advice
Network Admin Network Administrators' Guide at Linux Doc Project AU Mirrors
Peanut-Forums Site for the PeanutLinux online support Forum's (user to user)
Vector-Forums The official VectorLinux online support forums (help and info)
Samba Guide-Help Samba setup guide, Samba configuration & tutorial at Netfirms
Woven Goods Portal Site dedicated to the free Linux Operating System
Linux Mafia Linux Mafia at Slackware ORG, general info and Links
Linux International Non-profit organisation that works towards the promotion of Linux
Linux Today Linux Today, claims that it is the Leader in Linux Systems ??
Linux Links Comprehensive links to info+resources about the Linux OS
Just Linux This site has online forums and help files for linux users
LinuxInsider Real-Time Linux News and Information from Around the World
LinuxWorld News, articles, columns that will help you put Linux to work
LinuxGazette Making Linux just a little more fun, sharing ideas+discoveries
LinuxJournal Late-breaking news & commentry on state of the Linux world
LinuxPlanet A world of premium information for Linux newcomers
Fresh Meat Freshmeat is where to find out about new applications for Linux
Slashdot ORG News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters, all sorts of Linux information
Linux 2000 OnLine Information resource for the Linux O/S and associated resources
Source Forge The site provides a centralized place for Open Source Developers
BerliOS Support for Open Source developers & users + houses projects
Linux Focus 1 & only multilingual magazine about the operating system Linux
Linux Directory Everything and Anything for Linux, guide to sites & find out secrets
Linux Berg Will take you to list of World wide sites that have Linux software
IceWalkers Linux Software, Free Software, News, Contacts, Download Linux
Linux Games Slogan of this site is Linux Games for the People, need I say more
Linux Gaming Commercial site, the latest Games for linux, Worldwide Ordering
TUX Games Commercial site, news, info, plus Online Store for Linux Games
RPMFIND RPM repository for lots of Linux distributions Speakeasy Mirror
RPM-pboan Alternative for finding RPM packages for many different distros
RPM-seek Another site that has search engine for rpm packages (NB.Popup's)
LindowsDownloads Get Free d/l's with Apt-Get (not officially endorsed by Lindows)
Compaq Testdrive For quick, open, online access to simply run your app's on Linux
IBM Linux Information of how IBM is working with the Linux Community
MS Eradication Ever-growing anti-Microsoft & anti-Windows communities home
SlashNET ORG This is a Linux IRC network, there is a list of www IRC servers
KDE ORG Powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix-Linux workstns
KDE Distributions List of the Unix-Linux distributions that ship complete with KDE
XFree86 ORG Freely redistributable implementation of the X Window System
FreeApacheServer No.1 webserver on the internet, update your Linux version

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International Links to Linux Applications

LinuxRadio Listen to Penguin Radio via Browser with audio mp3 plug-in
Downloader for X D/L from HTTP+FTP resume/schedule/more a Linux Getright
Knapster2 KDE2/3 Napster clone, can resume d/l (also has KDE1 vers)
Quanta HTML x-window HTML editor, Not wysiwyg views with browser
Opera Browser X-window GUI browser, has both free & pay for versions Info
August HTML X-window HTML editor, Not wysiwyg, requires Tcl/Tk
Bluefish HTML X-window HTML editor, Not wysiwyg, uses browser as viewer
Internet Junkbuster Filters almost all annoying ads from web pages Alternative d/l
Spam Bouncer Can only run on Unix-Linux server that has Procmail installed
Free MultiMail Fidonet offline mail packet reader Unix/Linux/Dos/OS2/Win32 FTP
  I made an icon mmail.xpm to use with desktop shortcut or mmail.png
KXicq chat Official KDE ICQ client for Linux users, requires QT Libraries 1.4+
RealPlayer Link at bottem is for Unix/Linux, also 'nix users help Forum
StarOffice6.x (Sun) The commecial product, or get older Free at Planetmirror
Open Office Org In many ways even better than Star Office, d/l from your local Mirror
QCAD Free open-source 2D CAD system, latest Linux vers requires QT3
LinuxCAD AutoCAD like Computer Aided Design tool for UNIX and Linux
BRL-CAD US-ARL A free Unix CSG solid modeling system, Irix, FreeBSD, Linux
  NB For Acrobat Reader & Netscape Archive see FTP sites below

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Australian and International links to Linux Distributions

  Australian Linux sites
Debian AU The Australian mirror of the main Debian Linux site
RadHat AU The Australian mirror of the main RedHat Linux site
XFree86 ORG AU Freely redistributable implementation of the X Window System
FreeBSD Australia Although not a true Linux this is the FreeBSD Project AU mirror
  International Linux sites
Cheapbytes Distribs One of the Best Sources for Discounted Technical Products
Debian Linux The main Debian Linux site, lots of info & list of Mirrors for ISOs
Red Hat Linux Binary Installer includes everything to be a Linux Client or Server
Mandrake Linux Developed from Redhat, very popular Linux, more GUI interface Club
Slackware Linux The Slackware Linux Project, this site also includes ZipSlack
SuSE Linux For Intel-based PCs, also have Linux-based software applications
YellowdogLinux Terra Soft Solutions has developed a Linux for Macintosh machines
Desktop/LX AKA Lycoris, ex-RedmondLinux, based on Caldera Linux
Libranet Commercial vers. of Debian, easy to install, uses deb's, help Forum
SOT Linux From Finland, was BestLinux, Commercial distro, here is basic d/l
Collage Linux The main College site (from Switzerland, based on Slackware)
Gentoo Linux The main Gentoo site (automatic optimization and customization)
Icepack Linux The Icepack site (independent Linux distro built from scratch)
JAMD Linux Main JAMD site (based on RH, for i686 and above processors)
Lindows Linux Main Lindows site (Commercial, geeks don't use it, Deb based)
LFS Linux From Scratch site (build your own custom Linux system)
Sorcerer Linux The main Sorcerer Linux site (a source based distribution)
Xandros Linux The main Xandros site, Commercial (evolved from Corel Linux)
Caldera/SCO Caldera/SCO has been replaced with Boycott SCO forum
Yoper Linux Ydesktop is a new commercial distribution from New Zealand
Turbo Linux Suppled in English, Chinese or Japanese - Server or Workstation
PenguinPPC Home of Linux PPC ports for AppleMac's, various distros listed
MkLinux Linux for both Mac PowerPC+G3 and related systems as Servers
PeanutLinux At 340Mb d/l & 800Mb installed, good GUI Linux for smaller HDD's
  Peanut can install from Dos to Dos-fat or Linux-ext2 drive/partition
VectorLinux Small distro suitable for Laptops or limited Ram, 450Mb installed
DemoLinux Runs off CD, can Anchor /home + /swap on Fat or Ext2 (July 2002)
Knoppix Runs off CD, based on Debian, has very good hardware detection
  Can install Knoppix to HDD/partition, refer: FAQ's at the Support Site
Morphix Runs off CD, based on Knoppix, but has 4 types of CD modules
  Each of the CD modules can be installed to HDD/partition, d/l File List
Free FreeBSD Op. Sys. used by lots of WebServers, also PC's can use this O/S
QNX System Like Linux but GUI only, demodisk gives Internet on floppy d/l Mirror
Astaro Linux Astaro Security Linux (all-in-one Firewall c/w content filtering)
Smoothwall Linux Smoothwall site (internet firewall/router with easy-to-use admin)
IPcop Linux IPCop site (dedicated Firewall distro, forked from SmoothWall)
Mandrake MNF Mandrake MNF site (Multi Network Firewall c/w more features)
Clark Connect Internet broadband gateway based on RH for old Pentiums d/l Mirror
Trinux Boots from single floppy on 386 or better with at least 12-16 Ram
Tomsrtbt Toms rescue-tools-boot disk the most GNU/Linux on 1 floppy disk

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Australian and International links to Linux FTP sites

- TAKE NOTE - Best to download Linux using a proper FTP client (not a browser) these links are here to help you find out where to go. Some things like RPM's or Acrobat etc. can be downloaded from your browser
  Australian Linux FTP sites
PlanetMirror FTP to /pub and d/l almost any Linux Distro, or go WWW site
AARNET QLD FTP Mirror site /pub with almost all Linux Distro's HTTP archive
LinuxWA FTP Western Australia FTP Mirror site /pub with lots of Distro's
Debian FTP AU Get Debian Linux direct from the Australian Mirror
Monash Uni VIC FTP to Monash /pub/linux, not as large or upto date as the above
  International Linux FTP sites
FTP ibiblio archives Formerly known as, alternative
FTP Linux Kernel This is the primary FTP site for latest Linux kernel source code
FTP XFree86 The master server for XFree86 distributions, or local Mirrors listing
FTP RPMfind Lots of RPM's for many programs, also Linux distributions
Redhat RPMS Redhat RPM server that has the RPM installers old+new ones
FTP Turbolinux Main d/l server for the distribution, as well as UnitedLinux SRPMS
FTP Bestlinux+SOT The Finish Bestlinux distro has become SotLinux, alternative Mirror
FTP Yellowdog Main d/l server for Yellowdog Linux distributions, includes ISO's
FTP StarOffice5.x From the StarOffice FTP mirror at Planetmirror in AU 1x70 Meg
FTP WordPerfect 8 Free WP PE at Planetmirror, dont forget Register within 90 days
Acrobat Reader Not an FTP server but you can d/l Adobe PDF reader v.5+ Unix-Linux
Netscape Archive If you need an old version of Netscape try browsing here
  communicator = 4.51 4.50 complete_install or navigator_standalone
  communicator = 4.08 4.07 4.06 base_install or navigator_standalone
  communicator = 4.05_plus_JDK1.1_pr1 full communicator
  communicator = 4.04 full communicator
  communicator -> english = 4.78 down to 3.04 various types
Alternative http site Archives of Netscape from v.2.0x upward for all O/S

Papa2 gif Mailing Lists and Newsgroups for Linux discussions Papa2 gif

Mlug Victoria AU Melbourne Linux User Group have several mailing lists Subscribe
LUV Victoria AU Linux Users Victoria have several mailing lists you can subscribe to
ICE mailing list Independant Computer Enthusiasts (Frankston Vic.) housed at Ebbs
  Anyone is welcome to subscribe to the above mailing lists, all are free
aus.computers.linux Australian Linux newsgroup (any distribution) listed by most ISP's
Linux Newsgroups Large list of Linux Specific, Miscellaneous & Regional newsgroups
Unix Newsgroups List primarily focused on UNIX, some things are common for Linux
X-Windows For Newsgroups thats focus primarily on the X-Windows System

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