Telstra (Bigpond) NextG wireless coverage maps

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These maps are circa 2007 and now these are unavailable from from the Bigpond site. (Lucky I saved them.)

You can download all of these 2007 maps from here NextG Coverage Maps Zip Includes all maps.

NOTE: These maps are really ONLY indicative of where one should be able to get connectivitly, and the general rule is, if you can get Telstra NextG mobile phone recption ? Then one should be able to use a Telstra (Bigpond) NextG wireless modem with your computer as well. Please expect that the maps will show exagerated area's, as when more than say 10km or 15km from a town in the bush, expect to get little or no reception at all.

NationalNational Jpg


New South Wales


South Australia
SA Jpg

Western Australia
WA Jpg

Northan Territory
NT Jpg

FOOTNOTE: I have a USB Sierra AirCard 880U and first had it working under WinXP from the Bigpond install CD (which is all BP will support). When I got my Macbook Pro I was also able to get the AirCard working by d/l and installing unsupported software (Actually hard to find but listed on the BP site). Lastly re: an EeePC (c/w default Xandros) it looks as if one could also get this AirCard work as well (search wireless forums at, but as I have decided not to take my EeePC with me on my next trip round AU ! I have not bothered to try to get it to work, if it can be made to work under Xandros, it can probably be made to work with any Linux distro ? All be it probably a heck of a lot of work !

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