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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not quite what I had in mind

I did want to do a bit more on the web site this weekend and now it's a little late on Sunday night. As far as the web site goes, I haven't done any more of the redesign. Mac OS X has Apache setup but I haven't gone down that track yet. iWeb lets you make some pages quickly but it's a little messy under the hood so I'm pretty sure I won't be using that much.

The Mac is going well in general, but there have been some little problems. Apple has a bit of a slogan, "It just works". Well if only that were true. I "crashed" the mac twice today. Maybe crashed is a harsh word, but if it was windows that totally locked up and I couldn't even use the task manager to kill an app then I'd say it crashed. Printing via a windows shared printer also caused major headaches. And finally, there seems to be no default scanning application, definitely not for this Acer/Benq S2W 3300U.

The last thing I'd like to say here is that I'm trying to learn more about photography. I'd really like to get a digital SLR camera but instead of spending heaps of money on something I can't get the hang of I thought I'd try out my Dad's old film SLR camera and see what comes of that first. It's pretty basic as far as SLR's go, but it'll give me a good idea of how to take photos without everything being done for me. It also has a good response time with the shutter release which will be good for what I'd really like to do which is taking action photos of sports things. My first roll is pretty poor to be honest, but I think it shows promise. I hope is shows promise. This guy is doing what I someday hope to be able to. Well maybe not the making a living from it part, I'm not totally delusional.


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