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Sunday, May 28, 2006

This photo thing

You know, I'm really beginning to regret having these post titles, it's just another thing I can't be bothered thinking up ... of course my rejigging of this blog hasn't eventuated either but that's par for the course.

I've finally scanned the photos I took last weekend, but I had to use a different computer to do it. The scanner just doesn't work well with Macs. Apparently scanners have been a recent addition to Mac OS X (I'm not sure about OS 9, but I think it's never been a big deal on Macs) which is really odd given the whole "graphic designers and artists use mac" stereotype. Perhaps it's just this particular scanner which was left out in the cold. VueScan can access the scanner, but it leaves an annoying watermark over the images unless you get a registered version. And the TWAIN SANE for Mac project proved fruitless for me. Just another incentive to get a digital camera which I'm desperately trying not to do. That Canon EOS 350D keeps looking very nice. The 30D looks even better, but it's another $1000. Maybe I can find a second hand 20D for less, that might be good. But really, the 350D has everything I'm looking for and would do me for many years to come.

I set up a Flickr account like Chloe. The 20Mb per month upload seems like it won't do me. Perhaps I'll just have to be very selective about which photos I upload. For now I've put up all 24 exposures I made, look at them here. Some are terrible, some are passable, and a few are downright terrible. I'd comment on some individually, but it's just a getting to know the camera photo shoot anyway. As I progress I might be in a better position to give a meaningful criticism


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