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Saturday, June 03, 2006

A new addition

32kg Kettlebell

I got my new kettlebell yesterday, take a look if you want. I already had a 16 kg (that's one pood) from a few years back so there's some shots with both of them to show the difference in size. By the way, the photos aren't great because I used my MacBook's built in iSight camera. Still, they turned out ok.

While I was in London I got a 25kg bell and got pretty used to that. Coming back to Australia I knew I wanted to get at least the same one again (it would have been too expensive to bring it back with me, so I gave it to Paul). I've also wanted to do some double kettlebell exercises so getting another 16kg was also on the cards. I decided to get the classic set of 16kg, 24kg and 32kg which would give me a wide variety of weights to use. Australian Kettlebells was the way to go so I made the order. They were out of the 16s and 24s which is why I've only got the 32. I'll have my full set in about a month or so but it'll be a while before I "tame" this thing anyway. Damn it's heavy! So it's back to swings and cleans until I build up enough strength to press and snatch it. I can two hand press and one hand push press or jerk so that'll let me do some negatives, etc. Maybe I'll be able to press it in a month or so.


  • At Fri Jan 19, 08:22:00 PM GMT, Kettlebells said…

    So have you tamed your kettlebell yet? :-)

    It's nice having matched pairs for doing those symmetrical exercises... or maybe I'm just used to it from back when I used to do bodybuilding-type exercises before I discovered kettlebells.



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