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Monday, June 05, 2006

Some long term goals

I plan to put this on a sidebar here, sort of a permanent Todo list. Earlier this year I thought I should focus a bit more on some things I'd like to achieve. Rest assured none of them are career related, but maybe that's a bad thing. Firstly I thought I'd lay off any martial art things for a while, namely my Tai Chi. Instead I was going to focus on Volleyball. I set in my mind that I want to play league before I'm 30, which gives me a few years. Of course it may never happen, but it will help me focus on playing better and getting better physically. Right now I have a vertical jump of around 60cm or 23.5 inches. I want to keep working on that until it's 40 inches (100 cm). Really I think an increase of just 3 to 6 inches will really improve my game, but 40" is the goal. I'm going to do some dedicated jump training of some kind (weights, plyometrics, or something similar) but that will probably have to wait until summer. For now I'm hoping my slow weight loss is helping me, and I hope my new kettlebell will help my slow weight loss.

Of course there's a lot of other things I'd put on that list. Go skiing. Learn to skate backwards. Hmm ... I'm sure there's more ... get more sleep, there's a good one.


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