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These links lean towards the treatment apects of CFS - suitable for patients and carers or for professionals seeking to learn something useful about CFS.

Moira's Canberra CFS page listed at the bottom gives many further links including support and personal sites.

  • Co-cure is a serious and informative site with plenty of useful research posts and abstracts.

  • Dr Nicholson's site on CFS and FM,Gulf War Syndrome and his work on mycoplasmas. Mycoplasmas may not cause CFS but they are thoroughly implicated in the resulting mess that many patients find themselves in.

  • Roger Burns classic CFS site, based on his CFS-NEWS web publication. Lots of links and information, FAQ's, Lyme disease info....now a bit out of date but still worth a look.

  • The National CFIDS Foundation, Inc (USA) is one of the few organisations that actually funds some CFS research. They have a quarterly newsletter which carries a range of articles covering research, treatments, funding and politics. There is also a reprint of an undated but very interesting research paper abstract which demonstrates clearly a strong association between low natural killer cell function and severity of CFS. This is a test that should be carried out on all sufferers, but which unfortunately is still difficult to get at all.

  • The CFIDS Association of America site includes regular summaries of some of the current research. Their research page includes an introduction to acknowledged biological findings about CFS.

    See also their main page for professionals.

  • The CFIDS REPORT is well written and actively maintained and contains a mix of science, medical, political and social/patient experiences.

  • A series of reports by a patient on Dr Cheney's treatments, observations and suggestions. According to the author Dr Cheney has authorised these reports, but not reviewed them.

  • The Hemex site which advocates the theory that CFS patients suffer from immune related over-activation of blood coagulation processes. Whether cause or effect this appears to be a significant component of CFS and deserves further work by other researchers.The above link is to some research papers mostly on the relationship of coagulation processes to CFS.

  • And last but not least, Moira's formidable Canberra Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome page. This large site contains a compendium of CFS-related medical, social and political information. In particular she follows the Australian attempts to establish Clinical Practice Guidelines on the evaluation of prolonged fatigue and diagnosis and management of CFS. A sorry story so far, see here. Or maybe go straight to her Treatment and Research Links. There are lots of them.

    Also a selection of personal pages written by PWC's, some of them tragic and some (by those who have "accepted" their new situation) can be quite funny.
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