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Canberra Houses of Parliament at Christmas 2003. And a fox. Taken from the War Memorial.
...and for something completely different...
The National Museum at dusk, from our picnic spot opposite.

Lucky shot - bee approaches a small orchid, runway 16. It seems wingless because of the slow shutter speed.
That unbeatable campfire-side feeling...
...that irresistable desire to poke at a perfectly working fire with a stick.
Appeared on the windowsill beside my desk. One very cool exoskeleton.

Early morning on Tuross lake
Duckdiving - textures
As easy as...

Fishermen and the apocalypse - Tuross lakes at dusk
A bit out of context and several years ago. A beautiful restaurant below my room in Montmartre - unfortunately the customers-who-would-have-improved-the-picture came only after dark.
The headland to the south of Tuross

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