Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains near Sydney.
[EOS20D, 24 images at 30mm]
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Wentworth Falls is less touristed and therefore more interesting than Katoomba/Echo Point. In this image you can
see a group of people standing at the top of the falls, some more swimming at the bottom, and a few looking out on the lookout
near the top centre.
360 degree view of central Australia - Jervois Mine site north east of Alice Springs
[Nikon FE2, 50mm. About 15 landscape-orientation shots.]
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Hidden in the far range, centre of photograph, is a large dam which is surprisingly full of water. You can see it on Google Earth or Google Local. The black ridge is an outcrop
of mineral which looks 'geologically interesting' to this layman.

A beautiful tree as seen from flat on your back on the Canberra Yacht Club lawns.
Given that the sun is behind the tree at the top left, see if you can work out the lighting. How does the sun get onto the front of the tree trunk and the other trees at the bottom?

[300D, 17-40mm at 17mm, handheld, 4 landscape format shots, stacked vertically]
Glasshouse Mountains South Queensland.
[Nikon FE 50mm lens, handheld, 5 shots side by side]
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A difficult squeeze to capture this 4-storey high engine in a very tight space. The Appleby Steam Beam Engine at Goulburn Waterworks Museum.
[300D 18-55mm at 18mm, 4 portrait-orientation shots]
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Flinders Ranges view on a gusty afternoon.
[300D 18-55mm. 4 landscape-orientation shots.]

Canberra Balloon Festival/Fiesta 2005
[300D 18-55mm at 18mm ISO200, 14 portrait-orientation shots. Handheld because I forgot the tripod! ]
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End-of-day view of the wharf area on Tuross Lake. The most interesting part of town.
[EOS300D, about 8 horizontal format shots]

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Cockington Green gardens in winter, the maze, small things and other illusions.
[EOS300D, about 9 vertical format shots]

Cockington Green is one of Canberra's treasures, often dismissed as (only) a twee kiddies attraction. In fact it has
superb, technically interesting gardens as well as an unusual collection of miniature replicas of famous buildings and
landmarks. Most of these were funded or provided by local diplomatic missions -- see here for some examples.

180 degree view of Blue Cow ski fields in the NSW SNowy Mtns.
[300D 18-55mm at 24mm, 12 portrait-orientation handheld shots.]

Alistair looking from Booroomba Rocks towards Canberra.
[300D 17-40mm at 23mm. About 11 portrait-orientation shots.]
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Charlotte's Pass in the NSW Snowy Mountains, looking towards
the lakes walk.

[Nikon FE 50mm lens, handheld, 4 shots side by side]
120kb version, 1500 pixels wide
300kb version, 2800 pixels wide
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A vertically exaggerated 360 degree panorama showing Wilpena Pound taken from St Mary Peak... Mordor and Rivendell?
[300D 18-55mm. About 15 landscape-orientation shots.
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  Also see a page of panoramas showing landscapes around Canberra commissioned by Greening Australia to assist with monitoring and evaluation of bushfire reconstruction work.
  Several other photos on these pages are simple 2-shot panoramas - my solution to not having an extra wide angle lens. The Cornish village, the vertical smoke column, the sheep in the sunset and Sibu port are all 'panoramic' composites comprising 2 images joined.

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