Alternatives to Detention

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"I would prefer to stay in Australia but it has taken so long to get a response from the department I have lost heart. That is why I requested to go back to China. I don't want to go back to China because of what happened to me there and because my son would have to be cared for by someone else as I will be imprisoned ... I have been in detention for one year and still do not know what is happening."

Refugee family interviewed by Amnesty International in March 1998

"The Coalition supports mandatory detention of illegal immigrants, with release provisions in the event of prolonged detention. The Coalition will not tolerate blatant queue-jumping. This practice unfairly benefits a minority at the expense of the majority with equal or superior claims to entry. Illegal immigrants with no just claim to remain in Australia will be removed promptly."

Liberal Party Policy


A Webquest by Kate Fannon and Katharine Blackwell

In Australia, the debate over the necessity of detention centres and whether there are viable alternatives has been increasing over the past year. Headlines were proclaiming that this issue must be investigated, and talk-back radio constantly brought the issue of immigration to the attention of mainstream Australia.

In this project, you will be examining this issue from a particular viewpoint, exploring the debate that arose and bringing these different viewpoints to the attention of other students.


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