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Needle Stick was designed and developed in Fablusi™ in 2002 to run for 3 weeks. It dealt with the issues surrounding the operation of a Needle Exchange Program in close proximity to a school in a provincial city.
In this complex social world, the roles tried to resolve a number of conflicts about whether the program should be closed, relocated, or left to operate in its current location (next to a school) but with a range of new management and drug education initiatives.


So if you enter a web-based role-play in Fablusi.....what would it be like and where would you go in this parallel universe?

When you log in, familiarise yourself with the following tools and information:

  • Click Map of Tretley to orientate yourself to the community spaces.
  • Click Read Scenario so you know where the players started off.
  • Click Resource Centre and see what resources you might like to access if you were a stakeholder in this world.

  • Click the button, Read Profiles, and see who inhabits this world and what agendas they have (but only the public agendas that the participants developed are here).
  • Also click the blue link on the top left called Read Instructions to roles. Here you are seeing the Moderator's screen and the moderator has access to all role instructions. Each participant/role will only have access to their own role instructions. Each role relies on the scenario and the public profiles to start to work out the stakeholders and to form alliances.
  • Click Read Message and see who is wheeling and dealing their private agendas and with whom. Most of the emails have been put into folders with the roles' names: open and have a look.

PLEASE do not practise deleting/sending new mail or you will change the learning event.


You will also see all the conference rooms when you log in.
Only some roles had access to Hospital Staff and Primary School - not having access means that participants without access to a room do not see it in their login environment. Only the moderator/s had access to the Control Room.

Some forums appeared during the role-play. The Tretley Petition appeared at Samantha Flood's request in week 2, the Public Meeting came up at the beginning of week 3 when the participants called for it.

The conferences in the Fablusi environment can be set by the designer so there is a range of access rights for read, write and edit.… gets more and more interesting…….it's worth spending some time here among the bodies of the simulation of 2002.

eg. Weekly Bullet - only Cynthia Burgess could read, write and edit as the editor, Kristine Robertson as the freelance journalist could read and write but not edit, everyone else could write to the editor and read the editions.

eg. Council Phone - everyone could write (ie they could talk to the council administrator, Robyn Torres) but only Robyn Torres had read rights (translates as listening) as in reality we do not have a written script recording our telephone messages.

Now if you were in one of these roles….how would it be different?

Find out by going into Needle Stick as a moderator :

Log in using:
Username: katef
Password: Pushka


Then Quit and log in as a role, as Samantha Flood (has not organised mail into folders):

Log in using:
Username: julia
Password: corder

If you like, Quit again and log in as Cynthia Burgess (has organised mail into folders):

Log in using:
Username: marya
Password: fannyd


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